Otto Lohmüller

Otto Lohmüller (* 4. February 1943 in gene gene brook) is a German painter, sculptor and an author of pathfinder adventure books, whose work covers numerous act pictures of boys. It uses the Künstlersignet Otolo.

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Otto Lohmüller in seinem Studio.
Otto Lohmüller in its Studio.
Bodo - "Mais j'ai dix ans", Werkverzeichnis 58
Bodo - “corn j'ai DIX to”, list of works 58

Otto Lohmüller buildup in gene gene brook , where he still lives also today. 1952 it joined the pathfinders . Already as a 10-year old boy it became enthusiastic for plastics and Fresken of the Michelangelo Buonarroti and the mythology and art of the ancient Greeks. In addition its admiration came for the large Pfadfinderillustrator Pierre Joubert. , he drove and operated 1960, at the age of 17 years with the bicycle to Paris there as an autodidact first serious art studies.

1961 it began teachings in open castle as Tiefdruckretuscheur. Artistically he discovered there Caravaggio, which should affect him in its artistic career still strongly for itself in this time Michelangelo Merisi.

1965 he learned Ute point-sings, which became 1969 its wife. 1971 settled the pair over to Munich, where Otolo could continue its artistic study intensively. After 1972 both two years in open castle lived. Into this time the actual beginning of its painting falls. Starting from 1974 again resident in gene gene brook. 1975 were born his son David. In this year its first plastics developed. it placed 1976 in gene gene brook over 80 exhibits publicly to looks for the first time. This exhibition became a large success. 1977 were born its son Adrian. 1978 publication of the small art brochure Otto Lohmüller - portraits and document of 1972-1977.

1979 were the second large exhibition in the museum house lion mountain of gene gene brook. 1980 were poured for the first time one of its work in bronze and it arranged for the first time a Buchtitel for a friendly author.

Since 1982 it illustrated numerous song books, poem volumes and books from the range of the Bündi youth and the pathfinders. 1984 it joined the German federation for nudist sunbathing (FKK) . Natural nakedness is considered to it as an indispensable component of its life attitude. 1985 it created the self-publishing house ZEUS presses e.K. and published its first art volume with the title I SAY, which predominantly contains haven guessing and nude drawings of boys.

On urge of the pathfinders gene gene brook and its sons let he as pathfinder leaders re-activate and took over myself the age group of the young pathfinders, who selected the name for itself temple knights. Since this time it illustrated its annual travel reports. Starting from 1989 it wrote additionally the texts. 1986 it brought its second book out Species boy , which contains sketches with the Rapidograph. 1987 followed the large art volume KALÓS, which likewise contains boy portraits.

it occurred 1989 the COPSE (Comité pour la graduation you Scoutisme EN Europe), a European pathfinder combination for retaining the pfadfinderischen spirit, with seat Strasbourg. Otolo is to date vice-president of the COPSE.

it brought 1990 out art volume with the title of faces , which has faces from humans to the topic, both from the region Black Forest as well as from other countries and continents. 1997 developed in the Gengenbacher nursing home at the Nollen a large wall painting, the Gengenbacher life path. Besides there 20 paintings and water colors are shown by Otolo, whereby the house became quasi a small “petrol Lohmüller museum”.

Its at present most current work is the large sized painting of the benedictions.


Otto Lohmüller became to 8. March 2005 brought in that Second Channel of German Television - transmission Frontal21 with Kinderpornografie - networks in connection. This are based on a guest book entry on its Website, which contained a left to kinderpornografischem material, and on searches over the responsible person von Lohmüllers Website. After the Frontal21-Reportage introduced the public prosecutor's office open castle a preliminary investigation against Lohmüller.

Critics Lohmüllers emphasize its controversies opinions to the punishability of Pädophilie, which he stated to about 1997 in a letter to the Federal Ministries for family, seniors, women and youth Claudia Nolte:

A 12, a 13, or 14-jähriger humans cannot “be forced” to do “voluntarily” which. If it with an adult yielded, then it has desire on it. An adult does thereby NO force to it. But our law states against better knowledge, it force would be present, if a child lets itself be felt voluntarily, even if it enticed the adults themselves to this contact!! Idiotisch such a law!!!!

(Originally on the Website of Otto Lohmüller published, this is closed since March 2005. A copy of the letter still is with the Internet of archives under [1].)

In a E-Mail, the Lohmüller to 7. May 2000 concerning the “interpretation of the term Pädophilie” written and on its homepage (those likewise a comprehensive offer at boy documents covered) published, expressed themselves it as follows:

“If a boy is loved by PAD slots with his agreement, then absolutely no force is present, even if it states in such a way and determines the legislator. “ [2]

in-turned to the defense Lohmüllers that it concerns with its boy documents in no case pornography, critics refer on the fact that the painter itself consciously not of the Pädophilen - scene reserved separating on the contrary this scene by publication of its opinions in open letters and enamels support to come leaves by against the law situation of exemption from punishment for Pädophile on basis “of the free will” from persons under age demands.


the ranges of topics

Otto Lohmüller puts its emphasis in the painting on three ranges of topics; in addition come still plastics and the sketch books with pencil drawings, which serve partly than preliminary stages for the paintings.

The large three ranges of topics are

  • the boy portraits, consisting of haven advice, documents and topic pictures.
  • The critical pictures, consisting of current topics and annoyances as well as human weaknesses.
  • The face landscapes, consisting of pictures of humans and their customs, of the Black Forest until overseas.

further ones of works (selection, externally)

international exhibitions (single exhibitions and participation)

  • 1984 Washington, the USA
  • 1985 Paris, France
  • 1986 Leek, England
  • 1991 Strasbourg, France
  • 1992 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic of
  • 1993 Mexico town center, Mexico
  • 1994 Marlenheim, France
  • 1994 Zagreb, Croatia
  • 1995 Barberaz, France
  • 1996 Paris, France
  • 1996 Coimbra, Portugal
  • 1996 Saint Malo, France
  • 2001 Simferopol, Ukraine
  • 2004 Obernai, France

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