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Otto fog (* 25. December 1892 in Berlin; † 12. September 1973 in Berne) was a German painter, poet and an actor.

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until 1914 enjoyed nebulas at the Lessingtheater in Berlin play instruction by Rudolf Bluemner and Friedrich Kayssler. Straight one as it its debut at the city theatre in Hagen to give wanted, fallow the First World War out.

Starting from 1918 it had interned as a prisoner of war in Great Britain. 1919 it could return to Berlin and lived there as painters and writers. In this time it followed the circle around the writer Herwarth Walden and its wife Nell Walden . They were it also, it to the cooperation at the gallery and the art school the storm arranged.

1923 created nebulas then in Berlin as well as Hilla of Rebay and Rudolf farmer the group of artists of the Krater. During this time also the magazine the storm fog won as a coworker.

1924 married fog Hildegard Heitmeyer, which he at the building house in Weimar know had learned. She was there the female assistant of the Dozentin for practical harmony teachings Gertrud Grunow. Until 1925 it stopped in Weimar, was written, painted and was active as actors. During this time it got used to itself with the painters Wassily Kandinsky, George Muche and Paul Klee.

When its works were reviled starting from 1933 by the national socialists as degenerate art, he emigrierte into Switzerland. It established itself only in Muntelier, later then in Berne . By the efforts Kandinskys got nebulas in the years 1936 to 1951 a kind scholarship from the Guggenheim Foundation to the support.

In the years 1937 to 1938 was fog in Italy , but forced the Second World War it again into Switzerland. Fog busy in the exile ever more strongly with the Mystik and by the work of Emanuel Swedenborg occurred itself nebulas 1942 the new church .

In the years 1951 to 1955 fog its living costs earned itself as an actor at Bernese the chamber plays (studio theatre hete) and 1952 are lent to it because of irreproachableness the citizen right of Berne.

With 70 years fog undertook 1962 a larger journey to Greece and the Near East. The artistic processing of this journey busy nebulas to to its end of life.

1965 lent the Federal Republic of Germany Otto fog as large Order of Merit. 1969 gave nebulas approx. 200 pictures the art museum in Berne.

At the age of 81 years Otto fog died to 15. September 1973 in Berne. Its deduction is cared for by the there petrol nebula donation.


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