Otto Nicolai

Carl Otto Ehrenfried Nicolai (* 9. June 1810 in king mountain; † 11. May 1849 in Berlin) was a German composer.

Admits became it particularly by its Italian coined/shaped operas and particularly with thatOpera the merry women of Windsor.

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of his father, the director of music Carl Ernst Daniel Nicolai, received Otto Nicolai thatfirst music instruction up to its 17. Lebensjahr, as it to Berlin went studying over there. After its study of the music at royal Institut for church music with Carl Friedrich Zelter and Bernhard Klein from 1827 to 1830, he received 1833 a Organistenstelle at the Prussian legation chapel in Rome. Here it received instruction starting from 1835 with Giuseppe Baini. It was occupied in Rome intensively with the works Palestrinas and other old-Italian classical authors.

Otto Nicolai changed 1837 as a Kapellmeisterto Viennese the Kärntnertortheater under Conradin Kreutzer, decreased/went back however 1838 again to Rome and began with opera compositions. 1841 he became again a Kapellmeister in Vienna and justified there the Philharmoni concerts and at the same time the Viennese Philharmonics.

1843King Friedrich William IV. dedicated fair and the Festouvertüre “a firm castle” to the 200-Jahrfeier of the University of king mountain initiated gradually again relations with Berlin, where Nicolai 1847 as a conductor of the yard and cathedral choir and as Kapellmeister of the royal opera appointbecame.

Otto Nicolai composed also numerous songs, religious and lay beside operas choir works. Over its work however its most well-known opera radiates the merry women of Windsor, to 9. March 1849 in Berlin was uraufgeführt. Later deceased to eight weeksit in Berlin at an impact accumulation.




  • Symphonie in D major


religious of choir works

  • of the 54. Psalm (1834)
  • Hymnus “Benedicta et venerabilis it virgo Maria” (1834)
  • Pater of noster OI. 33 (1836)
  • of the 13. Psalm (1846)
  • of the 100. Psalm (1848)
  • of the 31. I trust Psalm gentleman, on you for 8-stimmigen in accordance with. Choir (1849), New edition Berlin 2003
  • of the 84.Psalm (1848)
  • of the 97. Psalm the gentleman is king, New edition Berlin 2003

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