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Dr. Otto Ludwig Preminger (* 5. December 1906 in Vienna, Austria; † 23. April 1986 in New York, the USA) was Austrian - US - an American film director, film producer, a theatre director and a theatre manager.

Preminger was attained a doctorate lawyer and wentthen to the theatre. He was a director of the emperor anniversary city theatre, the later people opera. 1932 led Preminger at the castle theatre direction with the production of Johann Nestroys “the house of the tempers” (scenery, costumes: Otto Niedermoser; and. A. with Alma Seidler, Ferdinand Maierhofer, Fred Hennings, Elizabeth Ortner Kallina, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Eybner, Philipp Zeska, Augusts Pünkösdy). From 1933 to 1935 he officiated as a director of the theatre in the Josefstadt. Afterwards it moved into the USA.

It died at cancer and Alzheimer.

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Filmografie (selection)


1 year of the first public performance
2 participation Premingers: P roduktion, R egie, B uch, D acre plate
Year 1 Beteilg.2 German title (original title) - if necessary. Actor
1942 D of the Rattenfänger of Hameln (The Pied Piper)
1943 R/D Margin for error - with Joan Bennett, Milton Berle
1943 D They Got ME Covered
1944 P/R into the Meantime, Darling - with Jeanne Crain
1944 P/R Laura - with genes Tierney, Dana Andrew
1945 R scandalYards (A Royal Scandal) - with Tallulah Bankhead, Charles Coburn
1945 P/R murder at the wedding night (traps fishing rod) - with Linda Darnell, Charles Bickford
1946 P/R Centennial buzzer - with Jeanne Crain, Cornel savage
1947 R Amber, the large Kurtisane (Forever Amber) - with Linda Darnell, Cornel savage
1947 P/R Daisy Kenyon (Daisy Kenyon) - with Joan Crawford, Dana Andrew
1949 P/R lady Windermeres fan (The fan) - with Jeanne Crain, George of Sanders
1949 P/R woman at the abyss (Whirlpool) - with genes Tierney, José Ferrer
1950 P/R law of the jungle of the large city (Where The simmer-mill Ends) - with Dana Andrew, Gene Tierney
1951 P/R The 13th type character - with Linda Darnell, Charles Boyer
1952 R angel face (fishing rod Face) - with Robert Mitchum, Jean Simmons
1953 D Stalag 17 (Stalag 17) - with William Holden, Don Taylor
1953 P/R clouds are everywhere (The Moon Is Blue) - with William Holden, David Niven
1953 P/R the virgin on the roof - with Hardy Krüger, Johannes Heesters, Johanna Matz -German version of The Moon is Blue
1954 R river without return (River OF NO Return) - with Robert Mitchum, Marilyn Monroe
1954 P/R Carmen Jones - with Dorothy Dandridge, Harry Belafonte
1955 P/R the man with the golden arm (The one withthe golden arm) - with Frank Sinatra, Eleanor Parker
1955 R condemns to the silence (The Court Martial OF Billy Mitchell) - with Gary Cooper, Charles Bickford
1957 P/R the holy Johanna (Saint Joan) - with smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Widmark, Jean Seberg, Richard Todd
1958 P/R Bonjour tristesse (Bonjour tristesse) - with Deborah Kerr, David Niven, Jean Seberg
1959 R Porgy and Bess (Porgy and Bess) - with Sidney Poitier, Dorothy Dandridge
1959 P/R anatomy of a murder (Anatomy OF A Murder) - with James Stewart, Lee Remick
1960 P/R exodus (exodus) - with Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint
1962 P/R storm over Washington (Advise and Consent) - with Franchot clay/tone, Henry Fonda
1963 P/R the cardinal (The Cardinal) - with Tom Tryon, Carol Linley
1965 P/R first victory (inHarm' s Way) - disappeared with John Wayne ,
Kirk Douglas 1965 P/R Bunny Lake (Bunny Lake Is MISSING) - with Laurence Olivier, Carol Lynley
1967 P/R mornings is a new day (Hurry Sundown) - with Michael Caine, Jane Fonda
1968 P/R Skidoo (Skidoo) - with Jackie Gleason
1970 P/R Tell ME That You Love ME, Junes Moon - with Liza Minnelli
1971 P/R so good friends (look for Good Friends)
1975 P/R enterprise Rosebud (Rosebud) - with Peter O'Toole, Richard Attenborough
1979 P/R the human factor (TheHuman Factor) - with smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Attenborough, John Gielgud


Locarno internationally film festival

  • 1955 price for Carmen Jones

mill OF Fame

  • star on the mill OF Fame: 6624 Hollywood Blvd.



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