Otto Schlüter

Otto Ludwig Karl Schlüter (* 12. November 1872 in jokes/Ruhr; † 12. October 1959 in resounds (Saale)) was a German geographer.


Schlüter was the son of an attorney and completed its compulsory schooling in its father city. Schlüter began in Freiburg in mash gau geography, history, to study German philology and philosophy. In Freiburg it followed the Corps Rhenania Freiburg .

Later it changed with same fan to the university resounds. 1896 it terminated its study successfully with a graduation with Professor. Alfred Kirchhoff.

Schlüter remained as a lecturer at the university resounds and was promoted 1911 to the full professor for geography. As such it was considerably involved in the structure of the geographical institute and one entrusted it also with the line. It held this office until 1951.

1923 accepted it the Leopoldina (German academy of the natural scientists) as a tidy member and appointed it 1952 as a successor of Emil Abderhalden its president. This office returned 1953 however already to Schlüter. In the following year the Leopoldina appointed it the “honour member”.

At the age of 86 years Professor died. Dr. Otto Schlüter to 12. October 1959 in resounds/to Saale.


  • remarks on settlement geography (1899)
  • settlement customer of the Thales of the Unstrut from the Saxonia citizens gate to the delta (1896)
  • residential areas of Central Europe in frühgeschichtlciher time (1952-1954)
  • over the relationship of humans and nature in the Anthropogeographie (1907)
  • a goal of the geography of humans (1906)

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