Otto VIII. by Wittelsbach

Otto VIII. by Wittelsbach, Pfalzgraf of Bavaria (* 1180 ago; † 7. March 1209 in upper village with Kelheim), was the son of Otto VII. (Pfalzgraf of Bavaria) († 18. August 1189). Its brother was Otto I. (Duke of Bavaria), who became 1180 as first Wittelsbacher a duke of Bavaria. A further brother of the old Pfalzgrafen was Konrad von Wittelsbach, that than Konrad I. from 1162 to 1165 and again from 1183 to 1200 archbishop of Mainz and/or. as Konrad III. from 1177 to 1183 archbishop from Salzburg was. The cousin by Otto VIII. is the duke of Bavaria Ludwig I. the Kelheimer.

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the king murder

Otto VIII. 1193 are demonstrably mentioned for the first time as a successor of its father in the Bavarian Pfalzgrafschaft. It however hardly appears in the following years in the sources. World-political meaning attains Otto VIII. of Wittelsbach as it to 21. June 1208 in Bamberg the German king Philipp of Swabia murdered. On this day the wedding between of Philipps found niece Beatrix (the hereditary daughter of Otto I. of Burgund) and duke Otto VII. of Andechs Meranien instead of. One trusted this marriage of bishop Eckbert von Bamberg, who was a brother of the bridegroom. While Philipp held its midday peace, Otto VIII. wanted. receive undeclared an audience with it. The audience granted the king, one argued - jähzornige Otto pulled its sword and punctured of Philipps carotid artery. After the murder Otto fled. To 7. March 1209 was placed bird-free Otto in upper village with Kelheim by the realm marshal von Kalden and killed by this. The head of the killing is thrown into the Danube, which body for many years kept in a barrel. Monks from the monastery Indian village kidnapped the barrel and buried the body on the monastery area.

the motive for murder

the motive for murder is not well-known. It is accepted that Otto VIII. from personal Rachsucht and/or. from honouring injury murdered the king. 1203 are to have gotten engaged Philipp its five-year daughter Beatrix with Otto. 1208 did not think for marrying Philipp however to it, Otto with one of its daughters, that engagement were cancelled. There Otto VIII. opposite Philipp loyal, was personally insulted he always behaved due to the Verweigerung of a marriage with Beatrix. Perhaps Otto expected VIII. on the day of the wedding between of Philipps niece Beatrix and duke Otto VII. of Andechs Meranien of Philipp giving in or the agreement to an engagement with another daughter. Philipp had two daughters, who were called Beatrix. Beatrix the older one (* April/June 1198 in Worms; † 11. August 1212 in north living, bestattet in pc. Blasii to Braunschweig) married 1212 only fourteen-year old the emperor Otto IV. from the family of the Welfen, this wedding survived however only by 3 weeks; possibly it died from own hand. Its sister Beatrix the younger one (* March/May 1205 in Nuremberg; † 1235 in Kastilien) married king Ferdinand III. of Kastilien. She is nut/mother of the king Alfons X. the way of Kastilien, which was selected 1257 to the German king, however entered never German soil.

the consequences of the murder

the pregnant woman queen Irene (* 1180 ago, daughter of the Byzantine emperor Isaak II. Angelos) fled on the castle high baptism and suffered an abortion. At the consequences she deceased to the abortion to 27. August 1208. It left 4 daughters at the age of three to ten years. There was only a male Staufer (the later emperor Friedrich II.).

Those pilotfishes a party turned Otto IV. too, which was from 1208 to 1212 autocrats in Germany.

As first party men of the Staufer the Bavarian duke Ludwig I. changed. the Kelheimer into the camp of Otto IV. - it succeeded to the Bavarian duke Otto IV. to convince of the fact that its cousin Otto VIII. together with bishop Egbert von Bamberg from the family Andechs Meranien the assassination attempt planned and implemented. Ludwig I. konfizierte the goods of the family Andechs Meranien in Bavaria. Ludwig I. kept the goods. also, after its statement proved clearly as wrong. The moreover confirmed Otto IV. Ludwig the heritability of its became as a duke of Bavaria. At Whitsuntide 1212 Ludwig's son Otto II. married. the Erlauchte the Welfin Agnes of the Pfalz (* 1201, † 1267 - hereditary daughter of the welfischen landed property in the Pfalz). In the autumn 1212 Ludwig I. changed. again in camp pilotfishes. 1214 it became Pfalzgraf with Rhine.


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