Otto Waalkes

Otto Waalkes (2005)

Otto Waalkes (* 22. July 1948 in Emden/East Frisia) is a German Komiker, Comiczeichner, a singer and an actor. It is called in the German-speaking countries usually simply „Otto “and lives in Hamburg.

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childhood and youth

Otto Waalkes buildup in the ostfriesischen port Emden . Its nut/mother was member of the Emder Evangelist-freechurch municipality (Baptisten), whose Sundays school the young Waalkes also visited. Already as pupils Otto fell by itup and the role of the class clown often played own humor. The Abitur examination of the High School for boys successfully existed Otto 1968. With seven years he got his first guitar.

Otto Waalkes privately

it is in second marriage alsothe actress hate man marries EH. With its first wife Manou it has a child (Benjamin Waalkes).

Otto Waalkes as Komiker

Otto with Ottifant (2005)

Waalkes' humor been based on wordplays, foolishness and umgetexteten well-known songs. Its kindsometimes as crude one feels. It uses Kalauer as well as vordergründig political allusions and Parodien. It is characteristic that he builds his punchlines into announcements of songs, which he does not play at all then.

In its early programs it translated several Sketche outthe condition UP program of Woody all (from the sixties) and it used in easily modified or shortened form.

As model for Otto Waalkes served first Heinz Erhardt. In of Otto early appearances some resemblances to Heinz Erhardt can be found.

Its first television show became to 27. August 1973 still before small public and with appearances of guests (among other things the guitarist and singer Peter Horton) radiated. In this transmission the well-known Sketch became already “English course with Peter, Paul and Mary”played. In the course of of the following years the radiated Otto shows II to VII (1974 - 1979, as well as “such an Otto” and “a new program of and with Otto Waalkes” (both 1981) became public racers and made from Waalkesone, if not the most popular Komiker of the German television and early 80's 70's. The last regular TV-show with the name “assistance, Otto comes” 1983 by the Second Channel of German Television was radiated and contained those today still very well-known Hänsel and Gretel- Interpretation in the garb the new one German wave announced at that time - music. From this it very successfully turned to the cinema. The regularly published petrol books and above all the petrol long playing records became best sellers and reached frequently top positions in respective the lists of sales and hit.

More than other maintenance artists affected, particularly Waalkes the general linguistic usage in the early years, when he used texts of the new Frankfurt ones school predominantly. Thus does the utterance go „to haste you times 'ne cigarette? My still are in the automat “upit back, just as the popular answer to the question is noticeable „to you which? “: „You have 'ne gas mask on “.

Its most well-known Cartoonfigur is the Ottifant drawn by it.

Apart from its activity on the stage it managed several times andbehind the camera. Its films are Parodien on time-current happening in culture and public and live particularly from Situationskomik and skillfully karikierten figures. Its first film, „petrol Film', is with 14.5 million spectators (8.8 in the FRG,5,7 in the GDR) the most successful German film since beginning of the spectator number collection.


  • 1.LP Otto (1973)
  • 2.LP Otto (second) (April 1974)
  • 3.LP Oh, Otto (April 1975)
  • 4.LP Otto (the fourth program) (April 1976)
  • 5.LP thatWord to Monday (March 1977)
  • 6.LP Ottocolor (April 1978)
  • 7.LP the ostfriesische God messenger (Nov. 1979)
  • 8.LP Otto versaut Hamburg (October. 1981)
  • 9.LP Otto Sammelsurium (September. 1982)
  • 10.LP assistance Otto come! (1983)
  • CD the very best (1995)
  • CD Otto live one! Again (1996)
  • CD … one have I still! (1998)
  • CD the Katastrofenalbum (2000)
  • CD Otto's East Frisia and more (2001)
  • CD Peter and the wolf (2001)
  • CD Only Otto (2002)
  • CD Otto the very best (2005)
  • CD 100 years Otto (2006)



of motion picture films

of television films

synchronous roles


  • the petrol show I - VII (WDR, 1973 - 79)
  • such an Otto (WDR, 1981)
  • a new program of and with Otto Waalkes (WDR, 1981)
  • assistance, Otto comes! (Second Channel of German Television, 1983)
  • Ronnys Popshow (Second Channel of German Television, 1982 - 1990)
  • Otto Ottifanten (RTL, 1993)
  • petrol the series (of 1994)
  • Only Otto (SAT.1, 2002)
  • Best OF OTTO (WDR, 2005)


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