Otto William by Struve

Otto William of Struve (* 7. May 1819 in Dorpat (today Tartu); † 16. April 1905 in Karlsruhe) was a Russian astronomer of German origin.


Struve was the son of the astronomer Friedrich George William Struve. With 15 years Struve at the university began to study Dorpat astronomy. Already during its study it worked as a trainee with its father at the observatory Dorpat. 1839 locked Struve its study with a graduation and got an employment with the observatory in Pulkowo as an Adjunkt astronomer. During its research Struve discovered 1841 a new determination of the precession constants there.

1847 appointed the general staff of the tsarist army Struve as the advisory astronomer. This office held it 15 years. As such it led the geodetic-astronomical work. 1848 been promoted Struve to the second director of the observatory in Pulkowo and 1856 one carried him to a.o. Professor'. Two years later the transport to the second astronomer and 1861 took place to the tidy professor.

The Academy of Sciences in pc. Petersburg took up 1861 Struve as a tidy member. One year later became Struve of the successors of its father and worked until 1889 than director of the observatory. 1867 one appointed it the president of the international astronomical society. On request of the academy Struve was appointed 1887 the Wiklichen secret advice.

With 71 years Otto William Struve went into pension emigrated to Germany. It established itself in Karlsruhe and died there at the age of 86 years to 16. April 1905.

Struve observed 500 new double star systems in the northern sky. It examined the Saturn and its rings, determined the mass of the Neptun, discovered an internal Uranustrabanten. Beyond that the parallax of different fixed stars determined, made observations smaller over the variability in the Orionnebel and, therein distributed stars. In addition it accomplished numerous observations over comets . he knows 1851 during a solar eclipse after that the Protuberanzen belong to the sun body. Also he took part in the degree measurement, which extends over 69 degrees of longitude between Valentia in Ireland and Orsk at the asiatic border.

Otto William Struve was father of Hermann of Struve and Ludwig von Struve, both for their part astronomers. He is also grandfather of astronomer Otto von Struve.


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