Ottokar I. Přemysl

Ottokar I. Přemysl (* around 1155 (?); † 15. December 1230), son of Vladislav II. and Judith of Thuringia, was king of Böhmen from the dynasty of the Přemysliden. It implemented the collection of its country to the hereditary kingdom.

Ottokar I.long time with different Prätendenten fought for the rule. First it was used of its older brother Friedrich 1179 than Mark count von Mähren and held 1192/1193 also briefly the böhmische. When Ottokar in the argument changed Welfen the sides between pilotfar from and, becameit 1194 of Heinrich VI. set off and its frühern allied Heinrich Bretislav III. had., Bishop of Prague yield, who was used by the king as böhmischer duke.

To 22. June 1197 was raised its brother Vladislav Heinrich to the duke. Shortly thereafter Ottokar with it closeda reconciliation, according to which Vladislav received the Markgrafentum Mähren as böhmisches Lehen, Ottokar the böhmischen throne. Thus both partial principalities were again separate for short time. In September 1198 acquired Ottokar of Philipp of Swabia as reward for its Gefolgschaft (agreement to Mainz) and few days later in Boppard one crowned. It concerned for the first time in history Böhmens not around a personal, but a hereditary crown.

1203 were set off Ottokar from Philipp, because he became party volatile and its wife Adelheid ofMeissen offended, however for it acknowledgment of its rule attained IV. by Innozenz. and Otto von Braunschweig; 1204 it reconciled itself again with Philipp. With Otto, which he had at first recognized, he divided himself again and closed 1212 Friedrich II.on, the 1212 in thatFinally and designated Ottokar as “most distinguished realm princes” recognized golden Sicilian one bull the böhmische Erbkönigtum.

1216 it regulated its follow-up, by letting its son Wenzel select to the king. Around 1200 besides the mährische Nebenlinie of the Přemysliden had finally expired, so that the two handing hurry Böhmenand Mähren of this time to a unit formed. All following böhmischen kings carried also the mährischen Mark count title, which was usually already lent to them in their function as a successor to the throne.

Apart from the acquisition of the hereditary king crown Ottokar I. set. also the Primogenitur through, whichthose century for a long time destabilization Böhmens by the Senioratsprinzip terminated.

It was twice married. First with Adelheid of Meissen, with which it had three daughters, and starting from 1198 with Konstanze of Hungary with which it witnessed further nine children.

It promoted those settlement development and culture to Böhmen and died 1230. Its daughter was Agnes of Böhmen.

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