Ouida (actually Maria Louise [de la] Ramée), sometimes also in the way of writing Oui´da (* 7. January 1839 in Bury pc. Edmund, Suffolk, England; † 25. January 1908 in Viareggio, Italy) was a British authoress.

Maria Louise Ramée was the daughter of a French father and an English nut/mother. In its youth Ramée pulled to London, where she worked first at the magazines “new Monthly” and “Bentley's of magazines”. Its first history, “Granville de Vigne” (later again published under the title „hero in Bondage “, appeared in the year 1860 “new Monthly”, followed by further novellas.

“Under two flags” and “Moths” are considered as their most characteristic works.

1874 pulled Ouida after Florenz; their following works were therefore mostly Italian coined/shaped. Occasionally it was active also in Italy for magazines.

Ouida had spent a not insignificant sum by the sales of its books earned, this money however without Rücklagenbildung, so that she became the Empfängerin of a small pension and at the beginning of 1908 died become impoverished in Viareggio.

Its title “Dog OF Flanders” was filmed in the year 1975 under the Japanese title “Flanders NO Inu” as 52-teilige Anime row, in Germany admits under the title “Niklaas, a boy from Flanders”.


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