with Ouvertüre (of French “ouverture”, too German „opening “) the following kinds are designated by music pieces:

  • The opening set of the Suite, the so-called. French Ouvertüre with their typical three-part form:
  • gravitätischer introduction part with dotted rhythms,
  • fast, fugierter center section,
  • to the first part ajar end piece.
The weightthe introduction set in the Suite it became so large in the late baroque that the word is used „Ouvertüre “also equivalently to „Suite “.
  • The three-part Italian Ouvertüre, consisting of:
  • faster, often introduction part held slow
  • , arioser center section konzertant
  • to the first part ajar end piece.
From the Italian Ouvertüredeveloped Concerto grosso and symphony
  • of instrument valley piece of introduction of an opera, which is usually played with still closed curtain and often already first in summary presents the most important musical thoughts of the work.
  • The concert Ouvertüre, an orchestral composition of smaller extent, composes particularly for the use in orchestral concerts(without purchase to an opera). Usually in form of a rapid Sonatensatzes with placed in front slow introduction
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