Ovo Maltine

Ovo Maltine (* 16. April 1966 in Rech to the Ahr as Christoph Josten; † 8. February 2005 in Berlin) was Polit Tunte, Kabarett - Tunte and above all AIDS - Aktivistin.

Admits became „Ovo “(designated after Swiss cocoa beverage Ovomaltine) as a member of the ensemble of the Spreedosen and by its co-operation in documentations and films of pink ones of Praunheim, particularly at the side of Tima the Göttliche in that of 2001 Dokumentarspielfilm developed „Tunten lies not “.

Ovo lived in beautiful mountain in the earthling route. 1998 stood as a candidate it as a direct candidate for its constituency Berlin cross mountain/beautiful mountain to the election to the Bundestag and received 534 voices.

Ovo Maltine died to 8. February 2005 in the August Viktoria hospital (AVK) Berlin at a malicious Lymphdrüsentumor in connection with their HEAVE - infection at the age of 38 years. Them became to 4. March 2005 on the old person pc. Matte house cemetery buried in the Grossgörschenstrasse 12.

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