Ovula Nabothi

the Ovula Nabothi (lat. Ovula „small eggs, egg-shaped thing “) are small yellow-whitish retention zysten in the Portio of the cervix. They became of the Leipziger physician Martin Naboth (* 1675; † 1721 in Leipzig) falsely held for Eizellen and later after it designated. The Retentionszysten results from blocking of Schleim glands remark courses of the bearing nut/mother mucous membrane. This blocking is caused by over waxes of the Schleimdrüsen with the disk epithelium of the sheath, so that it comes to a congestion glands of the secretion (retention) within the glands and thus to the training of the Zysten.

The Ovula Nabothi possesses however no disease value. With the help of the Kolposkopie one can make it visible within the range of the outside nut/mother mouth.

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