Owning Mahowny

film data
of German titles: Owning Mahowny
original title: Owning Mahowny
production country: Canada, UK
feature year: 2003
length (PAL - DVD): approx. 101 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK o. A.
direction: Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Kwietniowski
film script: Maurice Chauvet
production: Bradley Adam
Damon Bryant
Alessandro Camon
Sean prince
Victoria Hirst
András Hámori
Seaton McLean
Edward R. Pressman
music: Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Grassby Lewis
The Insects
camera: Olive Curtis
cut: Mike Munn

Owning Mahowny is a player drama with Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote) after a true occurence of the early 80's in Toronto.

Table of contents


Dan Mahownys secret life was brought to the public. It looks with a psychologist on it back: Dan is an industrious akkurater bank employee, who does not gönnt itself despite transport luxury. With its friend Belinda it leads a conventional existence. Bank board of directors trusts him as youngest member of the executive committee completely. In the secret one it purges however ever more to the play craze. Because of debts with franc Perlin on the course it begins to use its confidence position despite bad conscience with the bank over to ever larger money to come. It plays in Atlantic town center and in read Vegas in the Casinos. The playing guests are supervised with videos and studied by the slimy Casinobesitzer Victor Foss psychologically around them with mood to hold them money to have so long. Dan Mahowny has never enough from playing, all the same whether he loses or wins. It does not take itself time to the meal and for sleeping. He forgets on his friend waiting in the hotel room, who feels ever more neglected. Dan bets ever larger amounts. It loses, it suppresses money. He is a gladly seen guest in the Casino, to which each possible desire is to be met. Dan does not want however its peace with bets and has up to a simple meal any needs. It wants neither snaps Sex, nor alcohol, still drugs. It receives the pointed names ice man, because it shows hardly feeling moving and in each case bit themselves on the play concentrated. Its head is usually downward arranged as if it can direct its view in no other direction than toward the play table. As only in the Casino the employee Bernie is honest and friendly to Dan. Its advice with a profit of nine million dollar the play table remains too abandoned without effect except that Bernie is fired. Dan cannot lose differently than everything again. Also its friend cannot help it. Dan argues its craze off. It has a financial problem and nothing else because of its debts. In the bank despite revision no suspicious procedures are found. The police supervised in the meantime the telephone of the racehorse owner and becomes attentive thereby on Dan Mahowny. Because as much money is converted, they proceed first from drug business. Finally Dan is arrested because of suspicion on suppression. Surprised the bank manager determines a deficit of 10.2 million dollar. Although Dan alone for it, also some other bank employee is responsible are quit. Belinda stands further to Dan. They marry during a short vacation. Dan is condemned to six years detention because of the bank fraud. After a therapy it did not play no more after its prison detention. The bank received for many years a part of earnings/services from Dan. The procedure of the bank against the Casino was out of court attached. The Casino was closed because of the offences against the regulations for 24 hours. In Atlantic town center became as Dan the Mahowny - day admits.


the biographic film is based on the book „Stung: The Incredible Obsession OF Brian Molony “ of Gary Stephen Ross. The book was 1987 six months long in the best-seller list and won some prices. The author transferred 1982 from newspaper articles to Toronto the idea of this true history over the largest one-man bank fraud in the history of Canada. The real Dan Mahowny was play addicted for many years. He served his term of imprisonment and after a therapy never Spielcasino entered. He married and is his friend an advisor of a company, which determines against fraud.

The budget of the film amounted to about 10 million US Dollar. One turned starting from March 2001. The film of the Canadian medium company Alliance Atlantis was produced. The film started in October 2004 in the German cinemas. Since May 2005 it gives to buy DVDs in German and English. They contain German sub-titles and a Making OF. The player film was shown for the first time in March 2006 in the German television.


  • „binding study of a craze, brilliantly easily “„Grandios: Hoffman plays to to the limit, in its face is reflected everything! The undercooled Portrait of an eternal loser produced - as it expresses the tragic anti-hero Hoffman appropriate - ‚painful tension `. “ (tvspielfilm)


  • 2004: Philip Seymour Hoffman won a Vancouver film Critics Circle Award as best actors
  • 2004: Philip Seymour Hoffman won a Chlotrudis Award as best actors
  • 2004: 4 nominating for genius Awards:
    • for the best film for Alessandro Camon, Seaton McLean, and-race Hamori,
    • for the best music for Tim Norfolk, Bob curl, Jon Hassell, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Grassby Lewis,
    • for Philip Seymour Hoffman as best leading actors
    • and for Maurice Chauvet for the best film script.
  • 2005: Nominating for the literature film price

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