an oxide (v. grch. oxys ) is sharply, pointedly, sourly oxygen - connection, in which these the oxidation number - a II has. The O 2 - ion is only in melts existence, not however in aqueous solution, there it quantitative to the hydroxide - ionreacted. Oxygen forms oxides, with exception of helium, with nearly all elements neon, argon, krypton and Fluor. Fluor takes here a privileged position, because the Sauerstoffverbindungen OF 2, O 2 F 2 and O4 F 2 are representable, these materials however because of the higher Elektronegativität of Fluor than oxygen fluorides to be designated.

The predominant part of the earth's crust and the Earth's mantle consists of oxides (above all silicon oxide, thus quartz/silicates, and alumina). Well-known oxides are:

and not least

Sauerstoffverbindungen in other Oxidationsstufen are peroxides (- 1), hyperoxides (- ½), Ozonide (- 1/3) and Dioxygenyle (+ ½).


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