Pälzer of Kri

Pälzer is Kri in the Pfalz common term, which in humorous kind native ones are named or also to call itself. This concerns a pfälzischen dialect expression and Pfälzer of Krei hot became high German. This translation would not meet meanwhile at all the sense.


are born in the region, is considered to definition the genuine Pfälzer, thus such, generally as informal and celebrates gladly, whereby she course-traveled also without reservations includes. On the numerous wine celebrations and Kerwen it works highly - owing to the wine benefit - and loud, because music is always made somewhere or sung. Therefore the noise level requires with such meetings to articulate itself accented and with raised voice.

If for the communication neither Palatinate nor (controlled sometimes only allegedly) the high German help - z. B. opposite a foreigner -, is frequently tried to obtain the desired feedback by ever louder becoming repetitions. Assumed, on the Dürkheimer sausage market deals a Turkish fellow citizen for religious reasons not to divide with its pfälzischen table neighbour in the wine tent the Dubbeglas then it must be able to be asked about: “You Därk? (You are a Turk?)“The responding will understandingless look and always again and with larger volume these two syllables will hear to get - until it will finally devoted nod. And the Pfälzer will look triumphierend into the round whether also everyone registered its language arts…

For such a vernehmliches talking the Pfälzer has a dialect expression - even Krei. The vorderpfälzischen master forms of this verb are kreische, gekrische ( a imperfect does not exist in Pfälzi) and Kri for itself such operating persons. In the Westpfalz reads the participle perfect gekrisch, what pfalzweit as many as noun as “shouting” is called by the way.

Kri in the sense from sound speaker is from the word usually maskulin, even if it should be female sex. Regarding a woman it is called if necessary times, now however clear devaluing: “That girl is e schrecklichi Krischern - this girl is a terrible Schreierin!” In this case such a classification is however meant quite literal and wants to say that the woman person concerned with its shrill organ strains the ears of the auditory really exceedingly.

A Pälzer Kri humans , who already assume with moderate ambient noise, is summarized its interlocutor under Schwerhörigkeit suffers and therefore must be antrompetet accordingly. With progressive time and increasing line numbers on the reductor of the Weinglases then the clarity of the discussion develops in reverse proportionally to the volume.

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