Péronne is a French place between Paris and Lille with 8.000 inhabitants (2000).

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Pèronne is because of the confluence of Cologne and Somme; besides there are the two channels Canal you to north and Canal de la Somme. Numerous ponds lie in the city.

Péronne belongs administratively to the Département Somme (ordinal number 80) in the region Picardie.


in 7. Century existed here an abbey. The French king Karl III. here one kept imprisoned and died 929 in Péronne.

The place was destroyed 1870 and 1917 by German troops and 1940 by German air raids. In the First World War it was because of the German west front.

The place is verschwistert with Altena in Germany and with Blackburn in England).

there is culture

and objects of interest in the lock a permanent exhibition (Historial) for the history of the First World War.

Only is received the havens de Brittany from the earlier attachment plant.

traffic with Péronne

the a2 branch


and infrastructure [work on] to Brussels from the motorway A1 ( Paris Lille ). To Paris there is 140 km, after pc. Quentin 29 km, after Arras 50 km.

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