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base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Free State Saxonia
governmental district: Chemnitz
district: Aue Schwarzenberg
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 50° 31 ' N, 12° 49 ' O
50° 31 ' N, 12° 49 ' O
surface: 11.79 km ²
inhabitants: 1.286 (30. April 2005)
Population density: 109 inhabitants everkm ²
height: 550-600 m and. NN
postal zip codes: 08352
preselection: 03774
Kfz characteristics: ASZ
municipality key: 14 1 91 240
municipality arrangement: 2 local parts
of the local administration:
Carlsbad STR. 43
08352 Pöhla
mayor: Hans's sample man (a party)-->

Pöhla is a municipalityconvenient in the valley of the Pöhlwassers.

Table of contents

local arrangement

local parts are large and Kleinpöhla and arrow hammer.


the local part Grosspöhla is a forest hoof village, its first mention documentaryaround 1400 to have taken place is. 1497 are the way of writing Pelaw. Grosspöhla was a direct office village in the Kingdom of Saxonia, in Erzgebirgi circles, in the office Crottendorf, which was administered together with the office Schwarzenberg. At the beginning 19. Century consisted it of 75Houses and about 750 inhabitants, itself of the Spitzenklöppeln, spoon making, carpenter works, mountain and hammer work the etc. nourished. In the village there was a hereditary court and a beige-led from Schwarzenberg. With Grosspöhla was also a private lime furnace.

The Grosspöhlaer or Biedermann hammer with Grosspöhla consisted of 1 blast furnace,1 staff fire, 2 sheet metal fires, 1 tin house and 1 Zainhammer. It had 20 houses and to the 150 inhabitants. In the month June 1797 struck lightning into the fire of the there blast furnace, destroyed the same, beta-practiced two humans, ignited the coal hut on and burned all coals tooAsh. The works are driven by the Pöhlwasser.

Kleinpöhla and arrow hammer have however their origins in two hammer works, the 1536 and/or. 1764 to be called.

culture and objects of interest

  • visitor mine

Pöhla had a mining industry didactic exhibition, pit-build the old mining industry (until 1945) as well as that bismuth (1946-) covers. Two visitor mines are particularly worth mentioning:

1. The 1992 opened looking mine with the largest tin chambers of Europe (see left).

2. Likewise in the Luchsbachtal is the visitor mine “hereditary lug morning star”. Already in 17 Jh. at the Hahnel intensive mining industry on tin and silver was operated. By thatPromotion association Luchsbachtal registered association. became the upper hereditary lug tomorrow star in honorary activity and/or. with ABM forces again aufgewältigt.

Promotion association leisure center with visitor mine, Luchsbachtal Pöhla registered association. Carlsbad STR. 30 D-08352 Pöhla Tel.: +49 (0) 3774/81078 od. 03771/214336

opening times (visitor-mad morning star): Mo-Fr: 09.00 - 15,00 o'clock SA: 10.00 - 16.00Clock so: 13.00 - 17,00 o'clock



  • Schumann, August: Complete State of post office and newspaper encyclopedia of Saxonia, 3. Volume, Zwickau 1816, S. 523.

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