P.E.N. - Center Germany

the P.E.N. - Center Germany is the German of the writer combinations, those in the international P.E.N. are united. P.E.N. Essayists, Novelists stands for Poets. P.E.N. 1921 in England were created and spread in the meantime world-wide. 140 writer combinations are world-wide in P.E.N. together closedMembers are selected and must have furnished special literary achievements before their choice. By their signature under the Charter of the P.E.N the new members admit themselves to the principles the club.

Additionally to the national centers it gives the center to writers in the exile of German-language countries “(exile PEN club).


in the Charter of the P.E.N. four fundamental demands are formulated. It demands that literature must be at each time all humans common currency. In addition it demands that works of the art must remain untouched in the war in particular. The members of the P.E.N. in addition continued for a mankind living in peace and liberty and race is to be used to fight class and people hate. As the fourth principle is considered to the P.E.N. the Pressefreiheit, which the members have to support and have moving in opposite directions one to advance toward.


P.E.N. - Center Germany
Kasinostr. 3
64293 Darmstadt
Tel. +49 (0) 6151-23120
fax +49 (0) 6151-293414
E-Mail: PEN-Germany@t-online.de

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