P.M. Magazine

the P.M. Magazine world of the knowledge (briefly for Peter Moosleitners magazine, in former times Peter Moosleitners interesting magazine) is 1978 a for the first time published, popular-scientific magazine, in which on topics from all ranges of the science, Pseudowissenschaft and society one reports. It is designated after their former editor-in-chief (until 1994) and publisher (until 1998) Gerhard Peter Moosleitner. Its successor is Hans ago man Sprado.

The magazine is published monthly of Hamburg publishing house houses of the Greens and year. Their price amounts to at the kiosk € 3, -.

Further folders in the P.M. - row are

  • P.M. Computer booklet (1982 - 1989)
  • P.M. Questions & answers
  • P.M. History
  • P.M. Intelligence coach
  • P.M. Creative coach
  • P.M. Logic coach
  • P.M. Perspective
  • P.M. Rhetorik coach
  • P.M. Sudoku - coach
  • P.M. Logicals
  • P.M. actively
  • P.M. Biografie (appeared occasionally than booklet of the star family: star Biografie)
  • P.M. Doku
  • P.M. Willi Wills knowledge (P.M. for children)
  • P.M. Extra booklet: Best OF Science (appears four times annually in the P.M. Magazine, only for subscribers)

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ISSN: 0176-4152


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