PC DOS is the name IBM - version of MS-DOS. PC DOS internally partly proves to be IBM DOS. IBM made therein some changes, which made the operating system somewhat more stable and faster. During the equipment with Tools to a large extent POINT became instead of with cent ralwith Helix and Symantec bought to go with. Additionally it was equipped with the Rexx well-known of OS/2.

Starting from version 6.1 PC DOS was postitioniert also openly as a competitor to MS-DOS. For the first time it found owing to improvements, with simultaneous full compatibility (IBM has also the source code of Windows 3.x)larger spreading on non--IBM PCs.

With starting from V the 1,1 e.g. of Compaq it concerned delivered DOS versions own OEM versions of the manufacturers concerned (Compaq, Zenith, Wang, Televideo, Tandy, Amstrad and Toshiba), that ran partly only on their PCs.Were usually if OEM versions of MS-DOS, there were also OEM versions of PC DOS (e.g. DOS 3,31 of Compaq/Wyse).

The newest versions PC DOS 7 and PC DOS 2000 (conditions 2004) contain a good text editor, permit compressed file systems and have improved year 2000 compatibility and euro (inCharacter set) support. From OEMs gladly uses around PCs not completely without operating system to sell to have, if they want to install neither Windows nor Linux. On the same market are also for example DR-DOS and FreeDOS.

DOS of operating systems are used also for Embedded of systems orin order not to be able to re-use with newer operating systems compatible software - possibly in a window with a PC simulation, or in addition, than fully installed system on a PC with several operating systems from which one in each case with boats then a system selecting can.

“Personal record”

PC DOS uses other boat files than MS-DOS.

DOS version date of issue new functions/changes to MS-DOS
PC DOS 1,00 08/1982 PC DOS was at first not delivered as independent DOS, since Microsoft had developed MS-DOS expliziert for IBM. IBM has some nose (it to be supposed over 300 to have been)in DOS “manufacture” eliminated, so that in the first version a common copyright by IBM and Microsoft were proven.
PC DOS 1.05…. ??
PC DOS 1,10 05/1982 for the first time PC DOS as oem of the MS-DOS available for IBM compatible PCs delivered. MS-DOS corresponds to 1,25
PC DOS 1,85 04/1983 internal Relase,proves itself as 1,10;PATH and MODE imported; TYPE around parameter /P eränzt; Commandozeile capable for editing, COMMAND.COM can be loaded memory resident
PC DOS 2,00 03/1983 corresponds to MS-DOS 2,00
PC DOS 2,10 10/1983 corresponds to MS-DOS 2,10
PC DOS 2,11 05/1984 appeared 6 months to MS-DOS 2,11
PC DOS 3,00 08/1984does MS-DOS correspond to 3,00
PC DOS 3,10 03/1985 corresponds to MS-DOS 3,10
PC DOS 3,20 12/1985 7 months before MS-DOS 3,20 appeared
PC DOS 3,21 12/1985? MS-DOS 3,21 only 1987 publishes
PC DOS 3,30 03/1987 4 months before MS-DOS 3,30 published, PC DOS could now on all IBM be compatiblen PCs to install.
PC DOS 4,00 07/1988 improved DOS Shell, Unterstützung for non removable disk partitions more largely than 32 MT (this had the PC DOS OEMs since V3.31)
PC DOS 4,01 04/1989 corresponds to MS-DOS 4,01
PC DOS 5,00 05/1991 minimum changes at the mouse driver; QBasic do not contain, therefore also no graphic text editor; smaller changes on COMMAND.COM; overTo 780 sides strong manual
MS-DOS 5,00 revision A (CHKDSK nose-fixed for UNDELETE corresponds to PC DOS 5.001a 02/1992; UNDELETE nose-fixed for CHKDSK)
PC DOS 5,01 08/1992 EMM386 nose-fixed for WINDOWS 3,1
PC DOS 5,02 09/1992 inter+left added
IBM DOS 6,10 06/1993 display outputs (if they are made by DOS functions) optimized; PCMCIA support; PEND OS extension;Streamer Backup; On-line data compression; Memory optimization with RAMBoost: CPBackup; additionally to the normal manual per one for key assignments; graphic editor (E), which became related from IBM internally for a long time (only over an immense number of uncommon combinations of keys operated); Data medium compression & exact explanation of all instructions with all parameters; Optimization with batch files (batchesremains openly - up to then.BAT files were closed after each instruction, processed more selbiger, ASKED opened,…), Anti-virus of IBM (command line, with SAA of compatible surface - the “full indicator reading utility program”).
PC DOS 6,10 09/1993 Rückbennung in PC DOS, mouse driver occupies independently UMB
PC DOS 6,30 12/1993 counting at the command line alsoacalc; Nose-fixed; Revised versions of the utility programs; 6 manuals:Installation, introduction, user manual, reference manual and error messages, keyboards and indication turnover tables as well as “data compression”
PC DOS 7,00 11/1994 installation with mouse support with updates; Distance of code from DOS versions before 3.0 - DOS became faster, but older tie-clip by- Versions were only executable after Patch; E with mouse support and erweitertene menus; Programming language REXX (from OS/2) integrates;File update - program; graphic assistance; Power management; Stac instead of super+disturb (more slowly, but higher compression); RAMBoost optimizes; Reduction of the main storage need; with DYNALOAD driver in the normal enterprise left itself for the first timeat the command line reload (with LH dynaload even is Upper MEMORY); Andockunterstützung for Plug and Play - 2000 04/1998
revision 1 proves to be capable computers PC DOS PC DOS 7,0; Integration also for 7.0 available updates to €the uro support and year of the 2000-Sicherheit; PCMCIA update

graphic user surfaces

Microsoft Windows 3,1 runs under PC DOS, since it had the same base of code as MS-DOS. Further graphic user surfaces for PC DOS are among other things PC/GEOS, SEALOS or open in accordance with.

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