control surface for DOS operating systems with integrated DTP, office, learning and Internet software with small hardware requirements.
Base data
developers: BreadboxComputer company and. A.
Version: 04. January. 2006
size: 20.0 MT
starting medium: All data media (with gebootetem DOS)
family tree: OS/90, geo DOS, PC/GEOS 1.x to 4.x
license: Prop. guessing acre
other: Language: English, German, French, Spanish; as NewDeal Office 2000 also in Arab, Zulu, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa
Website: www.breadbox.com

PC/GEOS (PC G raphical E nvironment O bject S ystem) is a current graphic user surface for DOS - based operating systems.

In the scope of supply and additionally availablesystem and strongly integrated layout and DTP are - applications, office, training and Internet software. A necessary DOS-compatible operating system is not a component of PC/GEOS.

PC/GEOS is well-known also under the designations “GeoWorks ensemble”, “GeoWorks DTP”, “IBM ShoolView”, “NewDeal Office” and “Breadbox ensemble”.

PC/GEOS became 1990 ofthe US firm GeoWorks corporation presented, in the meantime of the US firm NewDeal Inc. and since 2000 of Breadbox computer company, LLC with company headquarters in Florida develops further and drove out.

Table of contents


the graphic user surface PC/GEOS leaves itself on all systems, is installed on which MS-DOS or an operating system compatible to MS-DOS, begins. With PC/GEOS dialogue-based working under employment of a mouse is possible and it supports preemptive multitasking. ThatAdvantage over Windows is in the small resources consumption of PC/GEOS. PC/GEOS is necessary no independent operating system, there it (like Windows 3.x and 9x) an installed DOS for the start and its file system likewise on DOS develops. It fulfills however for applications running under it allRequirements of an operating system.

With PC/GEOS becomes user software, whatever is meant like office range primarily for the training, and Internet software such as Browser or E-Mail client provided.

Since PC/GEOS does not presuppose efficient PCs, it is possible, PC/GEOS on older using PCs, even such equipped with 80286er - processors to begin.

Oneother application possibility are special computers, which are trimmed on absolute energy-economicalness. This fact opens an interesting field of activity for PC/GEOS. Thus NASA used a mini PC which is based on DOS, on which PC/GEOS ran in the space shuttle project. Other places of work are remote places, those on solar energy or other forms of energyare forced. Thus PC/GEOS serves the United Nations among other things since 1990 due to the described abilities for development assistance projects.

When using of PC/GEOS preventive measures are mainly appropriate against old and only rarely DOS viruses in the circulation.


Necessary hardware

PC/GEOS places as 16-Bit-System for the 640-Kilobyte RAM comprehensive DOS material mode with maximally available drivers for diagram maps only small requirements compatible with the VESA - to standard against the hardware.

PC/GEOS runs on IBM-compatible PCs, Notebooks, PDAs, Smartphones or such a thing. Because it highlyoptimized programmed and mainly to fundamental functions was limited, PC/GEOS does not make high demands against the efficiency of the hardware. Because it offers not all multimedia possibilities of the competition with high hardware requirements, it needs only fractions of the efficiency of today's computers.

Starting from a 8086 CCUwith at least 512 and/or. 640 kilobyte RAM, at least Hercules - or CGA - diagram map as well as before installed DOS operating system PC/GEOS can be implemented.

With 100% DOS-material mode compatible Intel - processors of the Pentium 4 - generation does not make it, installed on pure DOS, for difficulties. To the direct enterprise ofDOS with PC/GEOS in the 3 Gigaherz clocked CCU capacity range are DOS material some AMD - and Transmeta - processors due to their, often also in the BIOS, full mode compatibility, first choice. Some no more VESA compatible AGP - and nearly PCI - diagram maps makes PC/GEOS difficulties, whereby still for this no comprehensiveDocumentations are present.

The manufacturer recommends a compatible PC to 80386 for a pleasant enterprise of PC/GEOS 4.x as minimum or better, at least 640 kilobyte RAM, whereby the system profits from RAM additional up to 32 megabyte, if the CCU supports it, strongly. The non removable disk should at least15 megabyte largely its. It should at least a colorable EGA - diagram map to be considered. Mouse and CD drive assembly are recommendable. Over 250, however mostly from the years 1990 to approx. 2000 coming, with needle, tintenstrahl and laser printing, as well as to PostScript drivers capable printers are supported.

PC/GEOSDVD can be installed burned as well as on various RAM - maps or USB stick also on optical media CD and, of where it can be started in second clip and with DOS underbody also gebootet. In addition it can at any time and with the system start in few seconds completely in one inMain memory put down virtual drive assembly of same size to be copied and from there out without Geschwindigkeitsverluste, caused by non removable disk accesses or such a thing, be used.

An installed PC/GEOS is without adjustment or new installation on each x86-PC transfer and executable. This is particularly regarding clones of non removable disks,providing liveCDs as well as an employment over USB stick remarkably.

The different PC/GEOS versions supports the following further hardware standards:

  • The minimum needed CCU clock frequency is with PC/GEOS 1.x with 6 megahertz, with PC/GEOS 2.x and 3.x 16 megahertz, starting from PC/GEOS 4.x lies it with 33 megahertz.
  • Itis useful - if available - mathematical processors for older CCUs out, like the 80287.
  • PC/GEOS functions starting from memory equipment of 512 kilobyte RAM, about which at least 400 kilobyte must be made available to the execution of the software.
  • Some not VESA compatible super VGA - diagram maps become with 800x600 and 16 colorssupported. Starting from PC/GEOS 3,0 are VESA 1,02 to 2,0 SVGA and isolates XGA to Echtfarben supported. Later, not standardized and diagram maps instructed on own drivers are supported only very isolated with certain compatibility to the VESA standard. More modern 3D-Grafikkarten can not use PC/GEOS and is up toolder Matrox, ATI or S3 to most of these maps to a large extent to completely incompatible. Newer diagram maps run therefore only in the VGA mode.
  • For PC/GEOS 1.x one is needed at least 6 megabyte for the order non removable disk placing, whereby the complete PC/GEOS 1,2 and - pro installation approx. 4,7Megabyte presupposes. The size can delete later through necessary parts on approx. 2.5 megabyte to be lowered. Needed starting from PC/GEOS 2.x a non removable disk with at least 10 megabyte of free capacity will become, starting from version 3.x one with at least 15 megabyte and for the version 4.x 20Megabyte needs.
  • It possesses drivers for devices to the data input such as keyboards, under it also Dvorak keyboards, and mice like also their Devirate.
  • For long-distance data transmission for example in connection with BBS, Fidonet or the Internet PC/GEOS supports 4 similar to modems of all speeds compatible to the RK command sentence.
  • Starting from the version1.2 the system the abilities possesses for the application in a network and supports, also for the bypass of the printer output, before installed Novell Netware, Artisoft LAN Tastic, IBM LAN manager and starting from PC/GEOS 3.x additionally Bay network PowerLAN, Microsoft Windows network as well as to DOS compatible TCP/IP - Network driver. It documented not sufficiently whether 2 drivers for “PC NFS 3,5” - networks, available in PC/GEOS 1 and, also in PC/GEOS 3 and 4 can be used. With the network abilities of Windows for Workgroups 3,11 PC/GEOS works only with some hardly documented cheats.An installation standard of the PC/GEOS system on a file server is not possible. Also in the network the standard PC/GEOS on each attached PC must be installed. From some PC/GEOS versions there were also complete network versions on request however. Also the current PC/GEOS 4 becomes on request in onefully for the employment in networks capable version, thus offered for the enterprise on a server.

employment over USB sticks

contrary to Windows XP, which cannot be operated according to manufacturer by USB sticks, according to the Fachzeitschiften c't and chip from January 2006 howeverunder high hurdles and strongly limited extent of a min. 256 megabyte large USB equipment bootet, is PC/GEOS in the full extent on USB sticks already starting from 40 megabyte in few seconds installed and to a large extent boundlessly operationally. By the small space requirement of DOS and PC/GEOS current USB sticks offer stillsufficient place for various Multimediadaten. Since PC/GEOS can be held and implemented for small RAM if necessary completely in one only 20MB, in addition must page no virtual memory out on non removable disks, as this happens with Windows XP and Linux in excessive way, PC/GEOS can be operated in such a way,that it writes only once only when driving down on a data medium, if the result of working is to become secured there. This is to be emphasized regarding maximally 10,000 to 100,000 limited write accesses on USB sticks (FlashRAM and UCB). The computer technical periodical c't announced in its expenditure of 9.January 2006 that contrary to an employment with WinXP boats of USB sticks only with DOS smoothly folds. PC/GEOS is the DOS control surface. C't it gives to note that Windows XP puts down into 3-Sekunden-Intervallen paging data on the data medium. With a use from daily 8 hoursthe USB stick is used up and therefore defective in 55 days. Debt is the virtual store management of Windows XP. This problem concerns also Linux. With an employment of DOS and PC/GEOS on a USB stick its consumption depends only on the number of terminating PC/GEOS.At daily 8 hours employment thus 10,000 to 100,000 days, thus at least 27 years. A condition for an enterprise from USB stick is that Main board and BIOS can administer startingable USB media.

necessary operating systems

the current version of PC/GEOS FreeDOS functions under current operating systems or Datalight ROM DOS, in addition, on a multiplicity no longer newly available and outdated DOS operating systems. These are Datalight ROM DOS starting from 5.0, PC DOS starting from 3.3 and MS-DOS starting from 3.3 as well as DR-DOS starting from 5.0 as well as its successors Novell - DOS 7 and Caldera - open DOS.

Apart from a direct installation on DOS, Windows 3.x and in the MS-DOS mode of Windows 9x to - ME can be implemented PC/GEOS also with the help of an emulator in useful speed, installed before.

PC/GEOS functions to 2 as well as on the OS/2 successors on the GUI operating system OS/2 since the version Warp/4 and EComStation in the direct enterprise.

By the Design concept of Windows NT to refuse to DOS programs the access to the hardware PC/GEOS under the outdated Windows NT 4 with maximally 256 colors and frame mode in the DOS window functions. With similar restrictions PC/GEOS on to DOS does not leave itselfcompatible Windows 2000, XP or Vista operating systems install. Advantage of an installation on Windows is the circumstance that itself PC/GEOS of many Windows device drivers, as for example for RAM, can to be served USB, network and printer, which extends the possibilities in relation to the installation on a DOS operating system.

Employment on emulators

PC/GEOS functions on the free emulator DOS box. In addition the line “telex = NTFAT.GEO” or to “and a compatible screen resolution are to be registered telex = OS2.GEO” in the GEOS.INI file. PC/GEOS functions with the Motif and ISUI surfaces in the VGA/16-Farben and in the SVGA/256-Farben diagram mode.

AndreasBollhalder has a QEMU - installation with FreeDOS and PC/GEOS 4 with Breadbox ensemble Lite provides and offers these for the Download. QEMU is present for this with adapted VGA - capable BIOS .

With the help of commercial product Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac OS X PC/GEOS 4 runs tobest with the ISUI surface. With the Motif surface PC/GEOS 4 runs over Virtual PC only in 16 colors and produces senkrechte strip. The speed on a G4-Macintosh moves with MS-DOS 7 on 80486er-Niveau, can being increased however with driver like SMARTDRV.

system structureand Kernel

in the object-oriented (!) 8086 - Genuine preemptive multitasking, Multithreading, dynamically linked libraries, Vektorschriftartens and a file system extended by long file names and file comments offers assembler language Espire and a likewise object-oriented derivative of the Programiersprache C named GOC developed PC/GEOS, like it in the meantimealso in Windows introduction held.

PC/GEOS necessarily with all provided applications, under it extensive office often commodity, depending upon version, 5 to 20 megabyte storage location and belonged thereby to the prominent small's group that highest possible optimized programmed systems. It can on FAT12 -, FAT16 - or FAT32 - data medium formattedare installed; the PC/GEOS Kernel is loaded from a before gebootetem DOS.

The basis of PC/GEOS forms depending upon version approx. 70 to 100 kilobyte smaller 16 bits - Kernel with callable operating system routines for preemptive multitasking, dynamic store management, task communication, object support as well as diagram and window administration.The Kernel avails itself the device driver made available by GEOS and DOS.

Completely over keyboard, as well as the control surface operated by input pin or mouse offers genuine WYSIWYG also to freely scalable vector writings and vector diagram. It is based on a device-independent coordinate system with 72 points per tariff and adaptsElements of the Unix - surfaces OpenLook and OSF/Motif.

With NewUI (NewDeal user interface), ISUI (user interfaceinterface user interfaces), Motif, OpenLook, EasyDesktop, NikeUI, YagoUI, CUA, presentation manager and other one already developed to a large extent several, freely providable and from the same elements arranged PC/GEOS user surfaces. Sincethe year 1999 also one is against Microsoft Windows 9x Desktopoberfläche ajar, the NewUI, up-to-date also ISUI (Industry standard user interface), available mentioned starting from version 3.0 beside Motif. Geo manager, the main part of Motif, is startable also from the NewUI and serves there as File manager.

In the Desktop PC employment PC/GEOS functions also as DOS program starter as well as file manager, which use all abilities of DOS, extended and with mouse as well as makes operated for further input devices. Thus it replaces the DOS command line by mouse operation. With the start of a DOS program PC/GEOS becomes thereby up to a small load functiondriven down and after terminating the DOS program again started. Since the object system in GEOS is able to store its momentary condition all applications in the same condition are as before after the return of a DOS program. If PC/GEOS under DR-DOS is implemented, then it cooperatesits task manager together and can start and also between them switch parallel DOS tasks, without having to drive down.

PC/GEOS and DOS programs offer together since 1990 a computer use system, which can be superior the competition products Windows, Mac OS or Linux in some ranges. To it belong the economic andecological investment security by smaller rising hardware requirements and energy consumption with the employment of function-extended follow-up versions, a langjährigere data security by retention of past data formats and according to opinion of the majority of the PC/GEOS users a higher control friendliness. In addition offer various PC/GEOS and above all DOS programs, against to earlier techniques the incompatible competition,Use and application type from the entire x86-PC-Entwicklungsgeschichte.


PC/GEOS no independent operating system, but a cross between operating system and user surface is, does not need it necessarily own drivers there for various devices, but uses drivers of the DOS system lying to reason. Around the multitasking ability ofPC/GEOS to use, possesses it however also self-specific drivers for certain devices. PC/GEOS does not possess own drivers for technical hardware possibilities such as CD and DVD drive assemblies and - burner, interfaces such as USB, Firewire, ISDN, DSL, WLAN, diagram maps more modern than VESA 2,0 as well as 3D-Grafikkarten and other one.

Installed on pure DOS, external and internal similar modem devices can be used for the serial RS232 - interface excluding. On a DOS based PC/GEOS ISDN plants are usable only with presence of a connection for similar devices or to installation of an emulation software under DOS, ensure thereby however maximumsimilar data transmission rates without power fluctuations.

Memory drivers as HIMEM.SYS, EMM.SYS, EMM386.SYS, QEMM starting from 5.0, 386MAX starting from 5.0 and CEMM starting from 5.0 as well as other one can be used with PC/GEOS.

PC/GEOS possesses over 250 own printer drivers for over 600 different, however mostly in the meantime outdated serial andparallel 9 - and 24-Nadel mosaic printers, tintenstrahl and laser printer.PostScript - printers are supported since PC/GEOS 2.x. The support of colored ink jet printers is only reduced present due to the differences between RGB Farbraum and CMYK Farbraum in interaction with the concept of the minimum resource load. By the use of PostScript drivershowever in particular also a qualitatively hochweriger colour print on PostScript - printers or using a separate Rasterizers as for instance GhostScript also on arbitrary Windows - is possible for printers with the more current versions and using separately available LIBRARies. With employment of PC/GEOS under Windows can over onesimulated printer haven also USB and network printer to be addressed, if these the diagram instructions of the existing drivers (z. B.PCL) understand.

application software

PC/GEOS is the basis for self-specific software. Into one another spreading applications of offices exist to the Desktop of Publishing able text processing, data base management, vector- and rasters - diagram programs or spread-sheet analysis.

The focus of self-specific software for PC/GEOS is directed mainly toward the office, training and private sector. The system is well-known for its semiprofessionellen DTP abilities with Postscriptunterstützung and high-quality vector writings. For the user the integrated package can as low-priced,all built-in functions comprehensive Officepaket with very small hardware requirements serve.

PC/GEOS offers four selectable Könnerstufen with different function range, alternatively for the overall system or for individual applications and comes to meet thereby a risers much. With a driver for Dvorak keyboards PC/GEOS is suitable as high speed write system.

By the scalable function rangePC/GEOS is suitable also for the use by humans with learning handicap. Since the surface cannot be served yet interactively over spoken commands, PC/GEOS for blind humans is unsuitable. Also there is so far, except a driver for the mouse emulation with the help of a keyboard, no supportof individual input devices for handicapped humans. The object-oriented surface and the Kerneldesign offer however very good bases to soft and hardware manufacturers to carry out such possibilities.

In order files in the pdf - format to indicate to be able, possesses PC/GEOS 4.x since NewDeal Office 2000 (NDO 2000) of the GlobalPC a relevantDisplay program. The software did not develop however. The announcement succeeds due to the 640-Kilobyte - border DOS-material of the mode only with small and simply developed files in an outdated pdf format. With Bindery PC/GEOS possesses however its own development system for electronic books and - documents with diagrams and hyper+on the left of, similarly Adobe Acrobat and Corel Envoy.

The manufacturer Breadbox computer company drove 2005 58 optional PC/GEOS applications out to the conditions, predominantly for the office and education range.

In addition 10 commercial program products of third offerers existed in the year 2005 for this system. The Free and crowd commodity range were inYear 2005 with approximately 100 products visiblly and was limited mostly to small to middle applications and modifications approximately around the integrated office often commodity package. For the German Free and crowd commodity market the PC/GEOS programs of “Rainer bed plate” are to be emphasized.

Besides PC/GEOS DOS software in application and clearance can ingenuine DOS mode implement.

Internet software

apart from the user software gives it also to software for the Internet use. For PC/GEOS there is HTML 3,2 capable Browser, a POP3 - E-Mail - Client and newsreader as well as Internet Relay Chat -, ftp -, instance of measuringclose - and HTML - Editor - software.

The current version 3.0 of the HTML 3.2-fähigen PC/GEOS 4 Browser “WebMagick”, whose earlier designation was “Skipper”, is suitable for the representation from Internet sides in the standard format. With its technical possibilities it corresponds approx. to the Entwicklungstand of a Netscape 4.x and current developments limp andFull requirements at a modern all inclusive Browser, particularly in the Multimediabereich afterwards.

WebMagick can indicate PC, which center of the 80's appeared, in diagram map modes to down to CGA and Hercules and is thus on PCs and laptops starting from the first IBM junior in lawable. Over with WebMagick browsen can,needs one 4 MT RAM and approx. 16 MT ROM (like non removable disk or the like).

WebMagick supports forms, frameworks and tables, represents JPG -, GIF - and animated GIF diagrams and can with the “Mail ton” - function deal. Internet sides and - diagrams can be stored in the “Browser Scrapbook”.Addresses of visited sides can be stored and administered in the favorite menu. The screen representation can be increased and made smaller multi-level and steplessly on up to 400% and is suitable thus also for humans with weak sight. Cut out a web page can be marked and including formatting as well as inFlow text of embedded diagrams, to text processing, diagram program or file briefcase to be transferred.

General Cookies will become assumed and implemented, specific Windows Cookies ignored. Parasits, which use the safety gaps of the Internet Explorers in their majority, are not PC/GEOS and Web-magic-CC-compatibly and can no damage there cause.

With Kid Guard is a manual child protection and censorship function inserted, which can block the access to suit-even Internet sides. Thus WebMagick offers the possibility the call of unwanted Internet sides of preventing also such with pornographisch multimedia contents and to paying services and comes by it to the consumer protection and in special one the childand against protection of children and young people.

There the PC/GEOS program for the transmission of electronic message, such enamels excluding as ASCII and alternatively pure HTML text represents, offers it also to child and protection of children and young people against illustrations in pornographischen and others, not the legal protection of children and young people appropriate Spam - reports, which often with Javascript and other oneHTML-strange techniques are provided.

So far due to the restrictions of DOS and PC/GEOS or missing licenses neither Javascript nor Java and no Stylesheets are supported. The company Macromedia puts so far no Flash - to indicator extension for WebMagick at the disposal. Strongly multimedially presented Internet sides, cannot of WebMagick alsoor to be only reduced represented and used, if they contain a great many not compressed diagrams.

software development on PC/GEOS

PC/GEOS suffers from the absence of a larger number of free programmers and of a larger number of commercial software developers. Therefore the PC/GEOS software market is visible.

ForProgrammer with good C-knowledge offers two SDK versions to PC/GEOS for the boron country C++ 3,1 IDE (DOS, for GEOS 2,0, causes even for higher versions suitably) or the Borland C/C++ 4.5-Compiler (last 16-Bit-Compiler von Borland). The Borland IDE applies since 1993 to the enterprise on DOS and since 1996on Windows as in fact most important development environment for professional PC/GEOS programmers. The earlier and GeoWorks internal Sun workstation SDK version is considered in the meantime than verschollen.

Object orientation in PC/GEOS is in each case realized to such essays in turbo Pascal similarly. The object model of GOC, the PC/GEOS own C-extension is not [[C++]] compatibly. For the conversion of GOC on C its own Präprozessor and left one provide.

Both versions of the SDK contain besides a macro assembler for the object-oriented assembler language ESP, whose use for driver programming is mandatory. ESP implements apart from the object model and Messaging system of GEOS alsothe transmission of local variables. Beside the Kernel and the drivers also the text processing and the diagram program were programmed by PC/GEOS in ESP.

With geo basic of Edward diGeronimo jr. a comfortable UI is present - designers for GOC programmers.

New basic, of NewDeal for NDO 2000 develops,visual basic is - a programming environment for PC/GEOS. It comes to meet a risers and is the only serious possibility for PC/GEOS with a software executable on PC/GEOS to be programmed.

IZL is a simple PC/GEOS and PEN/GEOS script language. It is interesting that the software programmed with IZL, as well asthis development program also on the PEN/GEOS devices Zoomer PDA, HP Omnigo 100 and -120 as well as Nokia the Communicator 9xxx Smartphone are compatible. IZL was written for this purpose.

Metatalk is small an experimental object-oriented and Smalltalkähnliches programming system. Axiom is an experimental object-oriented programming system and with thatexperimental Forth - interpreters Pforth can be tried simple exercises in the Forth programming language.

operational areas

on PCs

among other things because the hardware requirements are very small, can PC/GEOS also in ranges are used, in those on other current products such as WindowsXP, Linux - distributions or Mac OS X, due to whose high performance requirements to the hardware, among other things by high, however rarely needed function range, can not be fallen back.

With the re-use or marketing of older PCs PC/GEOS can because of its very small hardware requirements toEmployment come.

In school mechanisms it can be in connection of donated or inexpensive PCs a good choice. Here also PCs already shut down can be used again, for whose enterprise aufwändigere operating systems would be too low-power or fastidious.

From 1995 to 2000 PC/GEOS of almost becameall national schools of Canada licensed and on school computers assigned. Also several thousands private US schools licensed in these years PC/GEOS.

The manufacturer at that time “NewDeal Inc.” created donation “NewDeal Foundation” assigned relief organizations like the “TECH CORPS GEORGIA/computer to private US education and - for Classrooms, Inc. over its 1997. ”,as well as different religious mechanisms in the years 1997 to 2000 over 500.000 free PC/GEOS-3.x license numbers.

1998 as well as 1999 and 2004 this user surface was used of the UNESCO for training, peace and development assistance projects into Jordanian ones, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine.

In Germany the school possibilities became theseDOS control surface, 1992 by “Heureka Klett “recognized and of this, on which education sector active publishing house markets, some years in all German-speaking countries. Later “digit Ostermann “transferred, one likewise to Munich resident company, with teacher versions and school licenses the PC/GEOS marketing in the German-language until approximately 1995,Area.

The US firm “MyTurn.com” drove one out, on basis of Embedded technology equipped and also PC/GEOS, in the year 2000 which was equipped with three, before-installed as inexpensive applied people computers, in their complexity and difficulty of multi-level adjustable control surfaces. This GlobalPC system mentioned made possible also, for technical understanding unbegabtenHumans the entrance to computer application possibilities.

Installed on RAM cards or USB sticks, this compact system is suitable also as mobiles, because of the small spreading of viruses free, “hacker - and/or. Administrator - system for the jacket pocket ".

DOS-compatible computer games, which are often considered as milestones of the play development, are mostly on current Windows versions, due to their missing or insufficient support for DOS software, no longer executably. There PC/GEOS can be used also as alternative administrative and starting surface for DOS plays. However also since 2000 the clock rates of modern CCUs risen rapidly and various chip sets do not cause as well asmore VGA and/or. Vesa compatible diagram maps that DOS plays programmed hardware near do not function any longer correctly.

mobile of devices

in the special one can serve PC/GEOS as system for used laptops and Notebooks. PC/GEOS functions starting from version 2.x already on portable computers with one 80386-CPU and 33 megahertzClock frequency and a gray tone display in sufficient speed and ergonomics. For still older laptops PC/GEOS 1.x. is suitable.

Starting from 1993 the manufacturing firm “GeoWorks” extended its PC/GEOS with additional drivers and UI-versions too PEN/GEOS, around it on PDAs like the Casio Zoomer, the HP OmniGo 100, thatSharp PT9000 and the first Smartphone, Nokia the Communicator 9000 us successors a 9000i and a 9110i to begin.

In addition a BrotherWorks version mentioned was used on a typewriter provided with screen (actually a mini PC with keyboard and printing element) of the company Brother, also in German languagewas available.

In addition PC/GEOS and PEN/GEOS can be suitable for by setting OI boxes, navigation systems, PDAs, point-of-sale terminals or the like with and without touch-sensitive screen. A further application type are on DOS which is based Embedded mini PCs via oem - licenses.

market situation

PC/GEOS was from 1990 to 2000a competition product to similar graphic use surfaces for DOS. Windows 3.x and Windows 9x, digitally Researchs IN ACCORDANCE WITH for the PC or Quarterdecks Desqview /X were well-known PC/GEOS competitor. PC/GEOS was for two years after introduction on the market 1990 market leaders in this range. AOL selected PC/GEOS as platform thatfirst two software-Versions to the telephone a choice into the commercial AOL offer. Since the attitude of the marketing of Windows 98 by Microsoft in the year 2000, the Windows 98-Support attitude in the year 2004 and the OS/2 support attitude by IBM in the year 2005 PC/GEOS has all for the use ofDOS capable, commercial surfaces survived and is more competitionless in this range since 2000, only remaining commercial market leader.

Compared with all available operating systems and user surfaces PC/GEOS belongs to the group locally and/or. continentally weakly and particularly for special targeted applications of common systems, similarly the competition products Zeta, AmigaOS, RISC OS, and with crucially high market distance to the monopolists and market leaders Windows XP spread world-wide, talk has - and Novell/SUSE - Linux and other prominent Linux distributions, Mac OS X as well as SymbianOS or Palm OS. PC/GEOS supports however inall versions and thus a broader operational area has different hardware platforms and processor versions from a longer and above all older period, than the entire competition mentioned.

In the German-speaking countries, the Near East and Canada as well as up-to-date in constantly increasing measure in Eastern European states PC/GEOS possesses a considerable,however compared with the three leading systems small market share and degree at admittingness. It can, like in the meantime also DOS, when product for niche markets are designated.

According to statement of the former manufacturer “NewDeal” from the year 2000, PC/GEOS in version of the NewDeal Office could also inSouth Africa, Brazil and India considerable market shares achieve.

Since 2002 PC/GEOS is in its newest version 4, only together with the office often commodity versions Breadbox ensemble, in multi-place licenses for example for schools and NewDeal Office 2000 for individuals with the present manufacturer and owner of the rights, the “Breadbox computer company”,as well as with the world-wide only Distributor Clicks Ltd. available.


“Wolfgang Kainz Huber” (Lit.: Wolfgang Kainz Huber), directors/conductors computer museum Munich calls PC/GEOS, related to the year 1991 a “substantial underestimated graphic user surface”.

According to “Burkhard Oerttel” (Lit.: Burkhard Oerttel), the author onemuch quoted German-language PC/GEOS technical book: “PC/GEOS was a milestone in the development of the graphic PC surfaces and the DTP on the PC, since it offered already genuine preemptive multitasking, genuine intuitive prompting and genuine DTP on crates, which too low-power one considered already to 1990. With the comparisonGEOS standards already at that time with laboriously over several generations away in Windows and Microsoft applications, can apply for improving according to Burkhard Oerttel PC/GEOS completely clearly as Wegbereiter to graphic surfaces, although this product is dead according to the free market regarded in the meantime. “


honors the former manufacturer “GeoWorks” forPC/GEOS in the years 1990 to 1996 some very considerable technology prices.

Thus the technical periodical “byte” PC/GEOS distinguished programmed user interface with the “Best OF Comdex Award” (English) and assigned in the same year also the “byte Magazine's Best software Award” (English) to these, from GeoWorks.

Ofthe American magazine “PC-Computing” PC/GEOS was gekürt to the “Most Valuable Product” (English) and distinguished with the “MVP Award” (English).

The system won also the main price “for Technical Excellence” (English) of the trade paper of “PC magazines” and besides by the magazine “info. World” for the product of the yearly was selected.

Everythingfour “Excellence in software Awards” (English), annually assign Best Consumer Program, Best personnel Productivity/Creativity Program, Best new Use OF A computer” (English) from the influential “software Publishers Association” (English) in the categories “Critic's Choice for and “Best Consumer Program” (English) received PC/GEOS.

1995 won inPEN/GEOS 2.0-Minicomputer of HEWLETT PACKARD several technology prices.

With 1996 and appeared later PEN/GEOS 3.0-Smartphones Nokia won some considerable honors.

After 1995 the company NewDeal stepped as a developer of PC/GEOS to the public and with this product of was regarded, American restaurant magazine “Fortune “tozweitcoolsten company (Lit.: NewDeal) of the USA in the year 2000 gekürt.

product philosophy

because in rich, “western” industrial nations pure PC hardware achievement with accompanying and constantly rising unökologisch and uneconomically high energy consumption increasingly as worthwhile status symbol of the users serves, has PC/GEOS there with itsspecial “Small is beautiful” -, “Upgrade your software, emergency your hardware” - and “Bridge the digitally Divide” - philosophy so far only in niches considerable marketing successes to reach know.

Subjective PC/GEOS philosophy means that older becoming or new with lowest possible performance data and energy consumption claimant hardware no problem with the high performance one with the enterprise of old, current and future program products to have should. For this PC/GEOS was developed.

However the problem prevailing in this area was produced according to PC/GEOS philosophy by new versions for software and operating system of the competitors, because of them too small optimized programmed program products consciously constantly blow up and more slowlyit becomes as well as functions and ranges of application implemented get, for which Begehrlichkeiten of the consumers would have to be produced only by expensive and much energy using marketing campaigns, in order to constantly present themselves as new identification and to set the paragraph in motion of the soft and hardware manufacturers in ever more briefly becoming cycles. This is from ecological to criticize energetic and economic criteria strongly.

This NewDeal Office compared with prominent Windows 9x Office products left shows a diagram. This shows their minimum hardware requirements by the example of the PC/GEOS 3.x office often commodity NewDeal Office 98 compared with at the same time current Windows Office packages LotusSmart Suite 97, Corel Office 7 and Microsoft Office 97. The diagram wants to clarify NewDeal Office 98 by the example that with PC/GEOS costing, energy and can be environmentalcarefully worked. Supplementing it must be said however that the quantity of the functions, some in the diagram the consultedOffice often commodity packages for Microsoft Windows the range of the functions in NDO 98 exceeds. On the other hand the PC/GEOS product possesses functions, which are missing to the competition shown.

In order to obtain higher profit from the marketing Linux distributions offered commercially by software, above all the operating systems Windows and Mac OS, as well as, would comethese, according to PC/GEOS philosophy, in many, usually unausgereiften intermediate cycles on the market. By this strategy, involuntary test personnel for software in early development stages, degradierte users, became also the publishing houses of computer journals joy prepare. In the meantime concentrate the majority of the computer technical periodicals according to PC/GEOS philosophy on it, genervten users Tippsto make functional to give around incorrect software of the PC/GEOS and DOS competition. According to PC/GEOS philosophy can be called here above all the abundance of the magazines, which unreliabilities and safety gaps of Windows and for it written software alternativeless would predominantly bring up for discussion. These prominent magazines, which belong to the Wintel alliance,by advertising-annoying, unjournalistische and not self-editorial contributions production and editorship costs and with the indicator business of new products of the hard and software producers would keep above all economically profitable small would be aligned.

With new expenditures of Windows, Mac OS and Linuxsoftware became according to PC/GEOS philosophy besides always thoseindicated requirements of the hardware rise. Users would be forced to re-tool with each new edition of the used software the PC or in not ecologically and not economically short rhythm by new equipment with higher performance data, higher current consumption, larger noise disturbance, to replace to increased electrical smog and larger CCU heat development.

According to PC/GEOS philosophy consumers of the computer and software industry often consciously in err led and insufficiently informed, in order to set the paragraph in motion of new software-Versions and new hardware. Even in the low price segment again presented and completely unchanged old classical authors of the play and application software, which for example, on thatPacking unnamed, originally before 10 years, now according to packing reference for example compellingly the newest Windows version and an ultramodern computer were usually published would need. The user would receive thereby falsely the opinion, its past functioning computer to the current requirements in principle any longer did not grow and henew equipment must acquire, although in reality the new editions of old titles, of the computer industry intended, which requirements may not correspond to the equipment of the devices of the user any longer.

There according to PC/GEOS philosophy of the computer industry and here above all the Wintel alliance also in aggressive way thoseDisinformation was spread, the life span of a computer amounts to only some years, afterwards it was threatened from sudden hardware death, had itself the paragraph of new equipment, for the joy of the manufacturer industry, the trade and the software producers in the meantime in a unökologischen, for the buyer uneconomic, the expenditure learningnot appropriate and the use of all possibilities working against 3-Jahres-Rhythmus settled down. Thus it became also possible according to PC/GEOS philosophy to present already published plays and user software again and again again and also as again anzupreisen, although it itself around unchanged, or for the increase of the hardware requirements regardingwould act the average user unnecessarily extended Aufgüsse to set in motion around the paragraph of the manufacturers and the dealer and because on the sector for plays, which main engine of the manufacturer industry is, most trailblazing contentwise and technical ideas already in and the 90's 80's for DOS,Amiga and Homecomputer like the C64 on the market came and to the manufacturers of plays since then hardly still really new would occur.

According to the PC/GEOS Produktphilosophie can this user, environment and energy consumption-hostile bad states to the so-called Wintel alliance to a large extent be after-said. However also increasingly free develop andcommercial Linuxsysteme into this, “computer preparation spiral” to be called being able, direction. This would prove also the commercialization of Linux philosophy increasing since 2000. The market for Linux was developed in the years after 1992 honorary by ideologically coining/shaping. According to PC/GEOS philosophy powerful companies of the structure work for many years becameFreiwilliger profit and profits from the Linuxmarkt tax away, as soon as this is opposite the Windowsmarkt large and lucrative enough. Thereby the basis-democratic and anarchische objective of this structure work from capitalistic considerations would be turned in the opposite.

PC/GEOS sets technical developingness for these bad states, according to manufacturer data, on fundamental needsno armament of the hardware and no new purchase computers would force aligned function range, extremely optimized source code and high economics because of hardware requirements and energy consumption, as well as reserved publication of new versions and the principle, geringstnötiger thereby, innovations, against. This became with always scarce and more expensively becoming, appreciably throughWars to securing, raw material occurrence at meaning win and for developing countries already of elementary importance its.

PC/GEOS is, according to own philosophy, the only software system, which can implement any DOS software appeared so far without restrictions and without emulator sprag. This concerns several millions would separate software titles in the playing andUse hereditary realm and milestones of the technological development. Many of these programs reached besides cult status and possess large fan municipalities. Almost all DOS titles are characterised by high crash security, small energy consumption, small requirements to the hardware and high speed of operation. Users of PC/GEOS and DOS competition systems must due to incompatibility orLow-power ones of their system on using a majority of DOS programs, particularly in the original DOS mode, do without and could fall back increasingly only on emulator sprags, with all their restrictions.

Critics accuse and - Lizenzierern to the PC/geo shearing plates however, with the help of tried communicating of a “inconsequential”, there so far “unsuccessful”Gegenphilosophie to the dominant market regulations to want to divert from the “stagnating” PC/GEOS advancement, also in the sense of new application type as well as that own marketing failure.

According to PC/GEOS competitors would have itself the prevailing marketing principle, which was based on the constant change of generations of the consumers with accompanying demarcation desire to the predecessor generation and mode, and whose marketing successby constant, short term product modifications to be forced can, when “alternativeless lucratively” proved. An enterprise can be durably economically successful against PC/GEOS philosophy only if it creates sequentially new inducements in co-operation with partners also outside of the own Produktportfolios. The ecological and energetic aspect is for this“negligibly” and only too to take up the image reasons concerned gradated.

Media conceal PC/GEOS and its philosophy since 1996, due to in the years until 2000 the increasingly smaller market meaning on new equipment, to a large extent.

marketing strategies

after PC/GEOS from 1990 to 1992 market leaders of the graphic user surfaceson personal computers with installed DOS operating system, turned out it was at the latest starting from 1993 by first missing, then only sluggishly running support for programmer, the marketing success of the competition product Windows and stagnating advancement by the manufacturer GeoWorks, as well as the constantly falling DOS market shares in the Hintertreffen and tended as alternative tooWindows since appearance of Windows XP in the years after 2000 against zero. For DOS users PC/GEOS represents, since 2000 as only remain-ends commercial control surface further the “Non plus Ultra”.

PC/GEOS stepped last in the year 2000 more strongly into the footlights, than by the attempt of the company “MyTurn Inc.”with the help of influential personalities, Wintel competitors and CNN from the system global Player to be made should, what failed however. “MyTurn” came into bankruptcy and pulled also “NewDeal”, due to their shareholdings on “MyTurn” 2001 into the failure.

Since 2001 the new manufacturer and owner of all workPC/GEOS rights, the “Breadbox computer company” according to own data secretly at the strong advancement of this user interface to a 32-Bit-System. Breadbox, which develops mainly as an order company for Nokia Smartphones in the SymbianOS segment, plans to win learning software market portions for the time being with PC/GEOS with educational facilities and OEM Lerncomputerherstellern back. There Breadbox noneCorporation is, is reports to the PC/GEOS level of development and planned goals rarely and meagerly.

similar competition products

current ones, however not commercial DOS-compatible competition products to PC/GEOS with similar objective and technical requirements are open in accordance with as well as the developments around matrix OS, Qube-3P and SEAL-OS.

Of the appearance thatPC/GEOS similar GUI software, which pursues a similar graphic beginning however on other operating systems than DOS is DECwindows, IRIX Interactive Desktop, SunOS with SunView, Solaris/CDE, OpenVMS with Motif or CDE and gnomes, KDE and XFCE.

As commercial competition productwith technological and market-politically similar philosophy and operational areas can RISC OS be marked. This is used on Risc computers and other Risc - systems with a StrongARM CCU.

With other one, same philosophy coming of GEOS systems as GEOS-SC and GEOS for z. B. the C64 as well as Apple IIPC/GEOS does not possess data compatibility and only small optical similarities.

history of the development

PC/GEOS 1 with GeoWorks ensemble

1990 became GEOS, which already for the home computer models Commodore - C64, - was offered C128 as well as Apple to II, in pure of 8088 - assembler written, on x86 - compatible personal computers with installed DOS operating system adapts and for the first time read on the IT-Technolgiemesse “Comdex” in Vegas, with which designation publishes PC/GEOS 1,0.

It of original inventor, who corporation GeoWorks corporation, which called itself 1990 ago , Berkeley Softworks, with office often commodity bundled and in thatFuture under the designation GeoWorks ensemble in the versions 1.x to 2,01 offered.

Little admits is that OS/90 and geo DOS were following the original names for the later PC/GEOS. Journalists, to who for testing OS/90 and late geo DOS beta versions reached, reported enthusiastically of several provided GUIs, which howeverfor license reasons were missing to the later publication. OS/90 (geo DOS) and the later PC/GEOS 1.x were developed on Sun SparcStation workstation computers in the programming language assembler.

The largest problem of PC/GEOS was the long time missing support for programmers. In the first years could only on the 4.500US$ expensive Sun SparcStation computer platform to be developed. Only approx.1994 could be acquired a first DOS version software development system (SDK) for wide-spread x86-Computer available. Former prospective customers had however already entered at this time into programming for Windows 3.x, because Microsoft their SDK from the beginningdistributed free of charge.

After PC/GEOS had appeared in the spring 1991 in several languages as version 1.1 and a outstanding call in the press and among the users acquire itself could, the manufacturer in the autumn published 1991 on the IT-fair CeBIT the follow-up version 1,2 in three differentEquipments.

The version 1.2 was for the first time suited to the enterprise in a network and possessed a spell verification of the respective national language in GeoWrite as well as drivers for printers, which support the printer language post office Script. In addition version 1.2 offered the administration of the printer queue, sample documents, new symbols for DOS programs, additionalAllocations of the keyboard with short instructions, assistance for the installation and additional applications like a NIMBUS - writings converters for writings of the company URW GmbH.

The equipment variant GeoWorks 1.2-Pro became additional with one in the functions reduced version the boron countries Quattro pro - spread-sheet analysis for DOS anda PC/GEOS program capable of the view of Quattro pro files offered.

The most extensive variant, called itself GeoWorks DTP and - pro, which offered additional writings and illustrations.

PC/GEOS 2 with GeoWorks ensemble

1993 became PC/GEOS 1.x in object-oriented assembler for the core (Kernel) and nearly everythingApplications, as well as partly in C to a large extent again programmed and together with that revised, integrated office often commodity package GeoWorks ensemble than PC/GEOS 2,0 publishes again.

In Germany the Potenzial of the system was recognized by the former OEM PC manufacturer Vobis. This let be, under Theo Lieven as well as Christian Widuch, from at that timeDMV publishing house developed and alone in the year 1988 ERGO GUI delivered together with the text processing Context on more than 280,000 Vobis PCs fall and brought thereupon computers also before installed oem PC/GEOS 2,0 on the market.

Also the publishing house for learning aids, Heureka Klett as well as in the following the marked out digit Ostermann GmbH,both from Munich, recognized the possibilities of PC/GEOS 2.x and marketed the system for some years within the education range.

1994 were published with GeoWorks ensemble 2,01 a new version of the system, with which two PC/GEOS using computers could be connected for the first time to data exchange. Also it already contained thoseAOL software 2,0 to the a choice into this on-line service before AOL software at all for Windows appeared.

Because the manufacturer GeoWorks let it fall shortly thereafter, because of of Microsoft market superiority, PC/GEOS and to the Smartphone - and PDA operating system developed further PEN/GEOS, falsely the latter means to today many former GeoWorks ensemble users, this was PC/GEOS version been.

By this change of strategy specialized magazines lost their interest in PC/GEOS in computer technology abruptly as surface to the operation of DOS and alternative to Windows, which harmed the following development of this product.


due to after 1991 in some months reached the supremacy ofMicrosoft with Windows 3.x, for computers used at the desk, developed “GeoWorks” in the years 1992 to 1995 the own system PC/GEOS under the new designation PEN/GEOS, for the application on portable computers over. A license for future development and marketing of PC/GEOS acquired 1994 from “GeoWorks”the company “NewDeal”.

PEN/GEOS one had optionally with a special pin operated user surface, was to a large extent PC/GEOS compatibly, and touched down on ROM DOS, a Embedded DOS of “Datalight”.

Company target was to develop the world-wide best PDA and Smartphone operating system. On at that time only the new angedachtem in fundamentalsMarket expected GeoWorks by its role as an outrider the prominent manufacturer to become. PEN/GEOS became thereupon several times a component of new computer technologies.

With that to object-oriented concept of PC/GEOS, GeoWorks saw a crucial technology projection/lead and let the GUI technology of the system 1994 by a US patent protect. This patentvery many later, in the year 2000, one should play world-wide attention exciting role in the so-called “WAP war” and seal the fall of GeoWorks.

The scaling barness of PC/GEOS, makes it possible, on GEOS which are based user interfaces (GUIs) for most diverse x86 - compatible hardware and targeted applications to develop.

Thus PC/GEOS became2.0, starting from 9. April 1992 under the designation PEN/GEOS 1,0, beside Newton OS of the company Apple, Wegbereiter of first PDA technologies. The first PEN/GEOS version became operating system of the Casio Z-7000 as well as its successor Casio XL-7000, one the first PDAs. In addition it was the first PDA with oneConnection at Internet. This was made possible over AOL. On the Casio Z-7000 also Palm had its first appearance in form of a program for the application of notes and the earliest Graffiti - version, a software for the recognition and interpretation of handwritten entries.

Beside the technically superior,more expensive Apple Newton the smaller Casio Z-7000 did not have, mainly due to its tardiness and smaller equipment with memory a chance and became a flop.

Palm developed the own operating system PalmOS and its own PDA series, which Palm for many after 1992 with the experiences out PEN/GEOSYears the PDA Weltmarktführer made.

GeoWorks developed 1993 PEN/GEOS 2,0, based on PC/GEOS 2,0 for the pocket computer HP Omnigo 100 as well as -120, which was the first computer of this kind, that in a publicity film with a US space shuttle in the universe flew and from there on one in the control centerdata present scientific to DOS-compatible HP-200LX mini PC transmitted.

The HP Omnigo 100 came to 16. October 1995 in the languages English, French and German as well as starting from January 1996 in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian on the market.

HEWLETT PACKARD won with the HP Omnigo 100, whichthe first Organizer of the then new HP plus series was, several considerable honors.

In the subsequent years PEN/GEOS 2,0 appeared in, also in Germany available, electronic bread ago - LW-display typewriters with integrated office often commodity package and Nike UI surface, which were. This in the typewriters present PEN/GEOS, is to today the only version, which onefrom the manufacturer made available driver for hand scanner inclusive of pertinent GEOS application possessed.

Due to the success of PEN/GEOS Nokia became attentive to the product, as it in the early years of the age for mobile telephones, as “Smartphone” designated equipment devised. 1995 knew GeoWorks for the implementation of the ideapublish 3,0 by Nokia, with some other companies such as Blue Mug and Breadbox computer company, PEN/GEOS. This came starting from 1996 into Nokia the Communicator Smartphone models 9000, 9000i, 9110 and 9110i.

With the Communicator 9000i, the GSM - version model 9000, won Nokia after introduction on the market toCeBIT 1996 several considerable technical honors. Already with the Weltprämiere this Smartphone was selected to the “Best OF show” the CeBIT 1996.

1997 brought bread ago in co-operation with IBM a series of Notebooks with the designation to GeoBook on the market. In the models NB-60, NB-80c andSupernote was used a modified PEN/GEOS 3,0 with Yago UI - surface. The GeoBook series was marketed mainly within the education range and was a component “IBM Eduquest School View” - strategy, which was based on PC/GEOS.

As Nokia later for a new Communicator row on one, no more DOS andx86-kompatible 32-Bit RISC CCU set, came for GeoWorks into strong course obligation, since PEN/GEOS a x86-kompatibles was and on 16-Bit limited system. Hectically GeoWorks 32-Bit Risc products, like the Eden OS of the Eden Group in addition , bought called it GEOS-E and began on its basis and with the experience outPC/GEOS and PEN/GEOS, the new GEOS-SC to develop a 32-Bit RISC PEN/GEOS successor. GeoWorks frittered away however appreciably and missed finally the contractually specified term for filing of GEOS-SC with Nokia. This justified the fall of the company GeoWorks. Nokia the company Psion and its operating system EPOC boughtup and EPOC, which since that time Symbian OS is called , on the Communicator successors set.

GeoWorks however knew the GEOS-SC finished too late still for some in desert mobile phones and for the first GSM - capable Smartphone with route planner, Toshiba Genio as well as the first mobile telephone with integrated digital camera Toshiba Camessefor the Japanese market lizenzieren leave. Later GEOS-SC was let complete fall for lack of further success. With the marketing of the AirBoss further developed failed bought in addition and, accelerated itself the fall of the company GeoWorks corporation, which 2000 in the “WAP war” and the following sale of all PC/GEOS, GEO SPORTS CLUBand air Boss rights, to 31. January, 2001, to different buyers, provisionally ended.

In the meantime GeoWorks received a powerful, very considerable new executive committee and prepares secretly its comeback, which is announced since 2003 on the homepage the company. In the year 2004 a large changed, toothis time worthless GeoWorks block of shares in Frankfurt Freiverkehr the stock broking the owner.

PC/GEOS 2 with NewDeal Office

GeoWorks sold 1994 the license rights for PC/GEOS to the company NewDeal, a for this purpose again created company former AOL, quantity left and Commodore managers of the Clive G.Smith.

NewDeal was obligated to designate PC/GEOS as well as GeoWorks ensemble again on which it came to the change of name into NewDeal Office and the designation PC/GEOS falls to a large extent was left, which led to the complete collapse of the PC/GEOS market.

In the years 1996 to 2001 NewDeal with Clive G. tried.Smiths slogan: “Have fun, make money, DO good - in order” the system that as NewDeal Office to establish.

While NewDeal Office 2,2, which was first version, only one beta version for developers, published the company 1996 with NewDeal Office 2,5 an easily improved GeoWorks ensemble 2.01renamed in NewDeal Office.

In the two years passed up to then however Microsoft transferred the market rule by Windows 3,1 and Windows 95. NewDeal Office 2,5 came 1996 on the market, however was not noticed. In order to overcome these marketing problems, NewDeal with NewDeal Publish 2.5e placed onereduced, English crowd commodity - version for the order. Which selling channels, except the publication on the own homepage, which manufacturer for Publish used, in order to be able to exist against Microsoft, is not well-known. Since the year 2003 an unofficial is present in German translated version from this first NewDeal Sharewareprodukt.

Also due to the success of Windows 95 NewDeal of autumn worked 1996 up to the spring 1997 on an extensive modernization of the NewDeal Office. With the new version published then NewDeal took over the kind of the assignment of names for following versions, introduced by Microsoft, and calledthe new product, according to the feature year NewDeal Office 97. This was the first PC/GEOS version, which with more than 32 megabyte RAM did not fall, but this to use could. In addition it, apart from strong improvements of all applications, had a SVGA driver for a maximum dissolution of 800 × 600Pixels and 256 colors, which was however unstable. In order better to be able the manufacturer also for this some months a free crowd commodity version marked, offered the system out for the Download of the NewDeal homepage.

1998 followed NewDeal Office 98. It contained eight further applications under license of the BreadboxComputer company, under it for the first time a Webbrowser, VESA - compatible SVGA Grafikkarten drivers for True Color and could import and export files also in the formats rtf as well as HTML.

NewDeal focused its marketing activities on niches within the market fields for families, schools, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, education, using computer, development assistance,small enterprises with less than 25 coworkers and OEM licensees.

The company brought very much for and with PC/GEOS on the legs, developed the system further strongly and had a clear and promising marketing plan. Clive G. Smith, CEO von NewDeal had excellent political and economical contacts,those the product and the company very benefitted. In the term of office of the US president Clinton, the Clive G. Smith several times on congresses met, became PC/GEOS in the form of “NewDeal Office 98” officially by the US Government for development assistance and school projects in the own country and thatUnited Nations supports and assigned. Some Canadian Federal States licensed “NewDeal Office” over marked out universal software the international (U.S.I.) as school software and took up a learning and a learning of and with PC/GEOS several years to national curricula.

PC/GEOS 3 with NewDeal Office

asMicrosoft with Windows 95 and Windows 98 and its Desktop - surface long to the GUI world market leader for DOS had ascended, copied NewDeal, the owner at that time of the world-wide rights at PC/GEOS 1999 this technology and gave the system under the designation NewDeal Office the 98 releases 3 (3.1b) optionallyto Motif, with NewUI against Windows 95 leaned a Desktop - surface inclusive task border and one, the Windows technology very something similar, menu, to starting applications and selection of files. With the express menu of the Motif surface there was a “menu of kind of snapping” however already 5 years before appearance for PC/GEOSof Windows 95.

Version 3 (3.1b) was the first PC/GEOS, which was executable on Windows NT 4 and possessed its own driver for Soundblaster - compatible sound maps.

In the year 2000 followed the improved versions 3,2 and 3.2a, which were characterised by the fact that itself for the releases3 (3.1b) only optionally available Internet software now in the scope of supply ruled and with version 3.2a in an improved, even if not yet completely stable version were present.

PC/GEOS 4 with NewDeal Office 2000

at the beginning of of 2000 accommodated NewDeal with the help of further companies PC/GEOS 4the designation NewDeal Office 2000 on the market.

For PC/GEOS 4 the core (Kernel) was modernized strongly and the function range several main applications of the office package was again extended. As new one, from three selectable user surfaces for the first time Easy Desktop was used.

With large plans that became in the year 2000Entering he, Internet and office world computer GlobalPC as well as before-installed NewDeal Office 2000 by OEM license in China manufactured and into the US market inserted. The GlobalPC, a product, that by Robert E. Turner teddy Turner, son of the medium Moguls Ted Turner, created corporation MyTurn .COM Inc., should with high conversion the “digital ditch” between arm and realm in the USA and developing countries, on the side arms bridge and mainly prepared CNN - contents transport. For this it started PC/GEOS according to standard in the Easy Desktop, a user surface, which PC/GEOS make as simply as a “money automat” operatedshould, which also succeeded.

With the.COM crisis and the collapse of the stock market financially strong investors extracted needed funds from MyTurn.com in the year 2001 urgently around high conversions of debts with the Chinese state bank 9 to serve. The following failure of the company tore also the NewDeal taken part in MyTurn financially and their subsidiaryGreenPC, which marketed used computers with NDO 3,2 at US schools, according to the financial boss at that time of both companies concerned, Janice DiPietro into the failure. NewDeal and GreenPC dismissed thereupon all 125 employees and sold the rights on at PC/GEOS to a tenth of the price paid at GeoWorksthe company Breadbox computer company.

The last product published by NewDeal in the year 2001, was not at the GlobalPC bound, individually available NewDeal the Office 2000, which applied in the year 2005 still as the most extensive PC/GEOS version. With their it is possible, that from the following ownerthe PC/GEOS rights to use Breadbox computer company not taken over EasyDesktop on each PC.

Clive Smith, former NewDeal boss, remained faithful for its ideals and returned 2002 also to the country of its roots. It changed the most important aspect of its opinion concerning operating system often commodity however. In the year 2002 beganit a leading activity as a “director: Emerging Market Solutions, Africa and the middle east " “of the i-Community” - project with HEWLETT PACKARD in South Africa. This project was called in September 2002 by the South African president Thabo Mbeki and the former HP chairman Carly Fiorina, as well as United Nations in the life.It pursues completely similar goals, as it tried Clive Smith at that time with NewDeal. However not like at that time with that most prop. guessing eras PC/GEOS, but with open SOURCE - software and, an adapted Mandrake Linux 9.1-Betriebssystem which is based on the Linux core. This was at the same time the first step of HPto open SOURCE.

With the “i-Community” pilot project placed HEWLETT PACKARD to 26. August 2004 a complete solution for computers, which can be used by 4 humans at the same time, used at the desk, forwards. This “HP multi-user 441 Desktop Solution” product mentioned is for marketing at educational facilities inDeveloping countries meant, which want to minimize acquisition and maintenance costs. Are to each user its own monitor as well as its own mouse and keyboard at the disposal. In addition a standardized computer received - interfaces to three additional diagram maps for PCI. The remaining periphery is attached over USB.

the GlobalPC

In the years 1997 until January 2000 became the plans powerful medium trust reality: Robert Edward “teddy” Turner IV, son of the CNN “US-medium-Mogul” Ted Turner and some further very influential US personalities designated the police often commodity company Compudawn bought up before to 10. June 1997 in MyTurn.com over, createdthe subsidiary company e.TV - Commerce Inc. and 1999 bought up briefly before the created manufacturer of a new home computer GlobalPC, as well as divisions of the LocalNet Communication, in order to bring MyTurn.com as share enterprises to the US stock exchange. A goal was at the latest with buying up of GlobalPC, the world-wide marketing, thereupon asextremely easily to acquisitions and inexpensive beworbenden PC/GEOS 4.x computer for Internet, hobby and office, GlobalPC.

MyTurn.com stood for newly established companies to the turn of the century in financial and IT - circles, together with many other companies than synonym for success-promising, quoted Dotcom -. Thus loaded to 6. December 2000 those DO Berlin for the conclusion meeting of the program “innovation through (E) - quality management” with the topic “MyTurn.com - challenge new Economy”.

To the marketing of the GlobalPC due, with CNN - the attempt of the “ Ted Turner Imperiums” the market leader at that time AOL competition was to be made for contents of fed Internet platform www.MyTurn.com. In addition MyTurn wantedand AMD with the GlobalPC and successors the Wintel already planned - monopoly, consisting of the companies Intel and Microsoft, break.

In addition the GlobalPC and MyTurn were world-wide the first attempt to develop liable to pay the costs music down load a platform. For this the GlobalPC possessed so-called “Push” - keys.

The GlobalPC hasa AMD ENERGy CCU clocked with 100-Megaherz, 4 gigabyte a seizing non removable disk with two partitions and has 8 megabyte system memory. In addition it possesses a 1.44-Megabyte floppy disk drive, on the heads plate integrated similar 56 k-bit modem and two Stereolautsprecher built into the housing, which of oneon the motherboard, Soundblaster integrated - compatible sound map to be supplied. As input devices PS/2-Tastatur belonged and - to mouse to the scope of supply. The characteristic of the GlobalPC lies in the fact that one it like the earlier home computers, beside the enterprise with a SVGA monitor also to, the NTSC - standard appropriate television set over S-VHS and antenna cable compatible connection to operate can. It does not need fans with its ventilation channel for the heat reduction of the CCU and other construction units, whereby it functions noiseless.

By the patented “Hot keys” the GlobalPC was the first Internet computer with Push technology, which was at that time generally strongly discussed. Particularlyfor beginners for the GlobalPC a new PC/geo self-service serving surface was developed. This on the GlobalPC preset, Easy Desktop surface specified should make the computer of MyTurn as simply as a cash-point dispenser operated, what also succeeded by reduction of the functions. Advanced users could at the GlobalPC from the Easy Desktopdirectly into the NewUI Desktop change. The Easy Desktop is an also additional component of the late NewDeal Office offered by Breadbox 2000.

The GlobalPC was marketed after a professional market study analysis first in the direct sale over a structure selling. This proceeding however after, few weeks short test phase were terminated, asto be reached could to place the computer in chains of department stores such as whale March.

With a Werbekampagne over CNN and their sales channel show with CNN Vizechefin Bella Shaw and the NFL - sport legend Terry Bradshaw, the legendary “Quarterback” the “Pittsburgh Steelers”, should the GlobalPC the 40% US households without computers, tastilyare made.

According to own statements, MyTurn wanted to place the GlobalPC also in competition to iMac from Apple and popular the QNX - based Netpliance i Opener become in US hardware amateur handicraftsman, hacker and Linuxkreisen.

Of “Pictures in A the Row, of Los Angeles” under director Peter Lang, Produzent Kari Saccomanno, Publisher Gregory nut tree and executive producer Adam large, for global PC introduction on the market produced and of “Suissa Miller Advertising Agency” promotete cinema and TV-Spot “NO exit”, produced in the USA under Apple Macintosh - fans, due to similarities with the legendary “1984” Macintosh - publicity film large excitement (Lit.:MyTurn). Because MyTurn.com, how at that time 1984 Apple, the transmission place in the break of the Superbowl - final game used, could a broad public be achieved. Some time was available later this film on AdCritic.com Internet side, however after short time was removed there, after AdCritic feared, annoyance alsoTo get Apple, since the question, whether “NoExit” a “1984” - plagiarism is, at that time was strongly discussed. Pikant was that AdCritic had to briefly before remove 1984” Macintosh Spot on complaint from Apple of them “from the Download offer.

The global PC advertising spot won (Lit.: MyTurn) with “internationally the monitor Awards2001 " “the Associated OF Imaging Technology and sound” in Vienna in US the Federal State Vancover the price of the categories “Best Achievement” and “Best Editing”. This strongly emotional coined/shaped, even associations of sexual rape waking publicity film, shows a ever more over-powerfully becoming computer with bad, male face. Thistyrannisiert and its delicate working Benutzerin patronizes appreciably, which seizes finally to the violent self-defence.

The introduction on the market of the GlobalPC had however three crucial weaknesses. The advertising spot did not contain a locking, visual product reference of beginning. This should be given however, if following the radiant emittances of the Spots onerelevant saleslook on CNN began, what however during the Superbowl final game and in many other cases the case was not. When the weakness of the Spots was recognized, it MyTurn attached publicity film on their homepage for use as MPEG - or AVI -, later the signature “GlobalPC”.

The second large problem of the global PC introduction on the market was that MyTurn probably took place themselves via the design Superbowl publicity film at the 1998 and until over the year 2000 going out with an outstanding marketing accompanied triumphant advances Apple iMac to attach wanted. During that technically and by far more expensive improvesiMac however a new, exciting Design offered and thus to the cult object and sales racer became fast, as well as a world-wide to its appearance leaned Design wave to pull, offered the GlobalPC knew as “iMac only a black setting OI box conventional for arms - housings and already floppte due to itsDesign.

The third weakness of the GlobalPC was its missing CD drive assembly. Since the housing offered because of the small size and for the reduction of production costs also no possibility to the Nachrüstung in form pit for a 5,25-Zoll-Laufwerk, this possibility was not also applied.

Those, three similar Showblöckecomprehensive global PC show in CNN Verkaufskanälen transported the PC/GEOS “Small in typical manners of American TV-Verkaufsshows is Beautiful” philosophy. To serve in 28 minutes with funny and loose dialogues, fast Schnittechnik, superficial information and person interviews emotional held to mediate tried the GlobalPC is extremely simple, muchinexpensive equipment and makes each user lucky. Additionally was tried to make ridiculous and expose as unnecessary the subordinated “Wintel Gigamanie”.

After R.E. “Teddy” Turner with high investment sums in the form of blocks of shares already 2000 again stepped out, took over the earlier WMG - and HBO - boss Michael fox the rudder with MyTurn.com, shot 20 million US Dollar private possession into the company, held it however only six months „over water “.

In the meantime MyTurn reported to 23. August, 2000 under the interCIM president Michael fox a conclusion of a contract for the production and marketing of 750.000 GlobalPCby the Brazilian photocopying apparatus, scanner, as well as monitor manufacturer and - marking out, TCE, starting from the fourth quarter 2000 in Brazil. The present Treaties became according to MyTurn on in the same year the taking place Comdex/SUCESU - fair signatoryly, whereby TCE limited additionally one to Brazil, PC/GEOS sublicence received. In additionTCE acquired license rights, one of MyTurn for PC/GEOS and the GlobalPC developed Internet data base search routine. The 1994 created, Brazilian TCE announced after signing of the agreement, to the GlobalPC over 1200 specialist dealers marked out to want.Vittorio Danesi, CEO of TCE meant for this (English): “Historically, TCE has partnered with the mostUP ton DATE and intelligently technology available. Although Brazilians embrace technology, PC penetration is quietly very low. Because OF this, incoming goods think the GEOS (R) operating system and the GlobalPC have tremendous potential ton dominate the market within Brazil. Incoming goods of acres thrilled tons bring to GEOS (R) and the GlobalPCton of Brazil, as incoming goods expand our product LINE ton would Inc.-load personal computer. “Whether the present Treaties had however existence and really to the marketing of the GlobalPC in Brazil led, could so far on the basis independent sources are not occupied and may do is doubted, there TCE at no time uptheir Brazilian Internet side the GlobalPC applied.

The gardners Group, a world-wide very influential and IT-Beratungsgesellschaft from Stamford, Microsoftnear in widespread opinion , made publicly madig the GlobalPC. Gardner Group speaker Martin Reynolds meant: “RK $300 tons of $400, people CAN buy A PC. Why go with this halfwayhouse? “and successfully the opinion, the GlobalPC spread is much too expensive for its equipment at hard and software, which thereupon strongly outdated one called. In addition the buyers with the equipment acquired automatically, the payment obligating monthly subscription an Internet portal due to it,which of “Wintel” - one designated competitors as too expensive, although MyTurn.com - portal with monthly $20 more inexpensive was, than US AOL at that time.

From the large plans from MyTurn.com nothing became. After some thousand global PCs could be only sold, production costs proceeds of sale exceeded and by the smallTo be not profitably operated the company knew, lost sales figures the liable to pay the costs Internet platform in the financial year 2000 over 128 million US Dollar and could not serve a credit of the Chinese state bank 9 contrived by the US Government any longer. After only 14 months business activity requested MyTurn.com to 2. March, 2001,at the court of bankruptcy for the north district of California bankruptcy remedy under chapter 11 of the US federal bankruptcy and the rules of conciliation and dismissed 100 of the 104 US coworkers.

To 31. January, 2001 4:39 p.m. US east coast time terminated the NASDAQ the trade with MyTurn (MYTN) - shares. Steve Burleson with MyTurn responsibly for financesCalifornia storing global PCs had to find an official receiver for 18.000 in Alameda and meant at the end: “I'd hate ton lake this the right here. It is A good product. “Late became then still over 100.000 further global PCs and a still higher number more pertinently admits, PS/2 - Keyboards already produced in China stored.

Michael fox had to still place itself some to time before court the charges of former shareholders and by harm-glad reports of several US magazines for its MyTurn failure was disgraced. The influential Forbes, since more jeher opposite PC/GEOS extremely critically adjusted, made itselffor example to 16. March, 2001 over it merrily that, as she meant Michael fox believed probably seriously, by the GlobalPC, “with outdated Pentium processor and only 4 gigabyte non removable disk equipped, as well as like gladly a computer” which is based on an operating system originating from the 80's-years, the world market leader at that timewithin the range of the PC direct marketing, Dell, to be able to displace from the market about what Michael Dell can only laugh probably since then.

To 19. June, 2002 received Michael fox, which before its time with MyTurn among other things 19 years boss of the Warner music Group was, upthat Israeli film celebration an honor for its musical life's work.

MyTurn.com however, had finally become a tragikomischen synonym of the Dotcom blister.

PC/GEOS 4 with Breadbox ensemble

in the meantime mainly at Symbian OS software on behalf company Breadbox computer company from Florida, working from Nokia, acquiredafter the failure of the earlier PC/GEOS of licensee NewDeal Inc., and its OEM customer MyTurn.com which before Breadbox rights licensed, as well as the manufacturer and owner at that time of the rights GeoWorks corporation at the 1 had. April, 2003 the temporally unlimited, world-wide development and marketing right at PC/GEOS for all hardware platforms.The main effort of the manufacturer is evident to find PC/GEOS OEM licensee.

Starting from 2002 the Breadbox ensemble (TM) was available office often commodity mentioned in English language by this company PC/GEOS and. 2005 followed the version Both versions were not transferred directly by Breadbox to individuals.It could be acquired exclusively in repeated number of items by educational facilities and similar organizations. The version was however starting from 2005 available over the selling partner sun2000 as appendix of E-Mail also for single customers. For additional product application 2005 three different free versions limited for demonstration stood to to endDownload from the manufacturer side to the order.

In the year 2001 Breadbox formed several groups of translators and dispatched for this 4.0.1.x beta versions. The freiwilligen and unpaid German-speaking translator signed a three-year contract to the discretion and put under line and main execution by “Johannes Möller” already 2002 one completelyinto German translated Breadbox ensemble version with the manufacturer forwards.

Breadbox communicated 2005 to at the end of on request that the publication a new version of the Breadbox ensemble and their selling also at individuals only take place if all residues of the earlier, more extensive however with not completely maturedInternet software equipped NewDeal Office 2000, from which Breadbox had bought up approximately 1000 pieces after the NewDeal failure of liquidator this former manufacturer, are sold. The introduction on the market, that already for 2004 and later several times on request again announced new version of Breadbox ensemble in versions forthe languages German, French, Spanish or Portuguese, took time therefore up to 04.01.2006.

For license reasons ensemble, the Easy Desktop developed by NewDeal is missing to the Breadbox. Some other applications were replaced by self-developments developed less. The Internet software was altogether strongly improved, so that it sincethis PC/GEOS version as stable to be designated can. A Pentium 2, 400 megahertz system can be already regarded as highly efficient equipment to the enterprise of PC/GEOS 4.x.

like the Berkeley Software Distribution

(BSD), free version of Unix has PC/GEOS and BSD GEOS,its origins at the University of California in Berkeley and their firm surrounding field. PC/GEOS offers like many Unix versions the Motif GUI. In addition PC/GEOS was developed on SunOS a descendant by Unix, which BSD resembles. Possible technical, personnel or different connections, due to their common temporal and local origin, betweenBSD and PC/GEOS and/or. OS/90, could be proven however so far not yet provably.

term mistake with satellite

GEOS is confounded as term sometimes technically and linguistically wrongly with common and invented abbreviations of similarly reading satellites. These near earth satellites, Geosynchronous Earth orbit Satellite (=GEO satellite) and/or.G.E.O.S. mentioned, which admits for the European space travel organization ESA since 1977 under the designation Geodetic Earth Orbiting Satellite shortened GEOS x, ESA GEOS x as well as 09931 and for the US space travel organization NOAA under the main designation Geostationary operational Environmental Satellite shortened GOES x is, mainly that servesEspionage and Wetterbeobachtung and send for this pictures of the earth's surface as well as the atmosphere to the earth. These pictures were present with the early satellite versions in the diagram format GOES. The DOS name form of GOES is “Dateiname.GOE”. The program image Alchemy available for DOS and Windows knows GOES Grafikdateien into more well-known PC formatsconvert. This leads even with PC/GEOS users until today to the wrong acceptance, image Alchemy can the diagram format of PC/GEOS convert.

term mistake with pcGEOS

pcGEOS is one for the first time 1995 of yokes Metzinger (Germany/University of Hamburg) presented x86-DOS-kompatible software for the conversion of C64/128-GEOS (GEOWRITE and GEODRAW)Files in x86-kompatible of data formats. For this these data become before with suitable C64-Konvertiersoftware in the .CVS or. D64-Format converted and by suitable software to x86-kompatible data medium transfer. pcGeos free software under the conditions of the GNU general is public License of the Free software Foundation. To the distinction alsoPC/GEOS, the GEOS system for x86-DOS PC and successor of C64/128-GEOS consider one the different ways of writing.


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