Psi Factor

series data
of German titles: Psi Factor - it happens each day
original title: Psi Factor - Chronicles OF the Paranormal
production country: Canada
production year (e): 1996 - 2000
length per episode: approx. 45 minutes
of episode number: 88
source language: English
title music: Robert Duncan,
Louis Natale
idea: Peter Aykroyd,
Christopher Chacon,
Peter Ventrella
category: Drama, Sci Fi, Mystery
Erstausstrahlung: 2. December 1996
Erstausstrahlung (D): 20. August 1997
  • matt Frewer - matte Praeger (1997-1999)
  • Paul Miller - professor Connor Doyle (1996-1997)
  • Nancy Anne Sakovich - Lindsay thunder
  • Barclay Hope - Peter Axon
  • Colin Fox - professor Anton Hendricks
  • Soo Garay - Dr. Claire Davison
  • Maurice Dean Wint - Dr. Curtis roll in

the Mystery - TV serial psi Factor - it happens each day (original title: Psi Factor - Chronicles OF the Paranormal) was produced from 1996 to 2000 in Canada and consists of four relays with altogether 88 consequences.

In psi Factor examines the O.S.I.R. (“Office OF Scientific Investigation and Research”) in form of a team of scientists and expert the most diverse paranormalen phenomena. Each case is presented before the beginning of Dan Aykroyd as moderator and commentated briefly at the end. In the first relay per consequence two short cases were shown, in the later relays per consequence only a case.

The cases are based allegedly on true facts. In the series the shown O.S.I.R. is purely fictitious. There is also a genuine O.S.I.R., this calls themselves however “Organization for Scientific Investigation and Research” and follows to less spectacular cases.

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