PTS DOS is a DOS - clone from Russia. Nearly the whole operating system is written in assembler and is therefore very compactly and relatively fast. PTS-DOS differs more strongly from MS-DOS than DR-DOS or PC DOS, for example gives it instead of the CONFIG.SYS a file CONFIG.PTS, which differs syntactically from the MS-DOS-CONFIG.SYS. It offers more configuration options. There are two compatibility modes: In PTS-DOS is optimized a mode on maximum free memory and high system performance, however from it the compatibility suffers (e.g. Windows 3.x cannot be started any longer). The other one (Windows Kompatibilitätsmodus) is compatible, offers however less free memory.

There are two different PTS DOS „kinds “: PTS-DOS of the company PhysTechSoft is the original. The other PTS-DOS comes from the company Paragon, who developed from former programmers von PhysTechSoft, who carried simply the source code forward at that time, the largest program errors distant and its own version publications.

PhysTechSofts PTS-DOS was for a very long time developed further and is meanwhile in an extended 32-Bit-Version to be had, which was to come even with newer computers by right.

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