Pablo García

Pablo Gabriel García Peréz (* 11. May 1977 in Pando, Uruguay) is a uruguayischer - Spanish football player. Epitheton: El Canario. Since July 2005 García for material Madrid plays. Its traditional position is in the defensive centre zone; it is considered as duel-strong players.


as youth players played García for Atlético Madrid. Later it played first in the Italian series A for the AC Milan, for which it denied however only four portions. it changed 2001 to the AC Venezia, 2003 it changed into the Primera División to APPROX. Osasuna, for which it denied 56 league plays (5 gates) in two play times altogether. In the season 2004/05 it received 18 yellow maps in 29 plays. 2005 changed too material Madrid for García, where he signed a contract until 2008.

For the uruguayische national team it denied since 2002 over 40 international matches. The domestic press selected it to the best national player of Uruguay at the football WM 2002 in Japan and South Korea.


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