Pablo Thiam

Pablo Thiam (* 3. January 1974 in Conakry) is a football player from Guinea with German passport.

Thiam buildup as a son of a guinesischen diplomat in the Federal Capital at that time Bonn . With the MSV Bonn it began with the soccer game. As 15-Jähriger it went to the 1. Fiber plastic Cologne, for which it debütierte 1994 in the soccer federal league. Over the VfB Stuttgart he came 2001 to the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich, with which he could not succeed however. In January 2003 it changed to the VfL wolf castle, for which it plays since that time.

For the national team of Guinea Thiam played so far (conditions: 1. July 2005) 25 times.

Thiam shows up socially engaged, it supported for example financially the network ARK worrying about poor children.

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Thiams of associations

Thiams of federal league plays

Thiams of federal league gates

Thiams of DFB cup plays

(so far well-known)

  • 4 for the 1. Fiber plastic Cologne

Thiams of European Cup plays

(so far well-known)


  • 7 for the 1. Fiber plastic Cologne

Thiams of successes

  • 1990 German B-junior-master
  • 1991 final of German A-junior-championship
  • 1991 final DFB kicker cup A-juniors
  • of 2001 world Cup winners

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