Pacific Southwest Airlines

Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) was an American airline with seat in San Diego (the USA). It was since its establishment in the year 1949 one of the most renowned and most well-known airlines in America. PSA fused 1987 with USAir.


the PSA was created 1949 with geleaseten Douglas a DC-3, which flew once weekly to low prices from San Diego to Oakland via Burbank. A flight to Oakland (over Burbank) cost at the time at that time approx. 16 dollar. As ticket sales office a converted latrine from the Second World War served. 1951 crossed the society the bay of San Francisco and approached San Francisco internationally air haven . one bought two Douglas DC-4 von Capital airlines to 1955 and painted small boxes around the windows, so that the airplanes the more modern Douglas saw DC-6 similar.

During the 1960er PSA the route San Diego San Francisco with machines of the type Lockheed L-188 Electra flew years. These were replaced at the end of the decade by Boeing 727-214 and 737-214. Briefly also Lockheed L-1011 were used. These published however too uneconomically and were therefore soon again sold. In the same period one extended the route network within California by San Jose, Long Beach and Ontario. 1980 were developed at of Los Angeles internationally the air haven a spider.

After the Deregulierung of the air market in the USA the large supraregional airlines PSA, air California, Western airlines and United Airlines an extreme price war supplied themselves. PSA made itself to it its network beyond the borders of California to increase, with flights after Reno (Nevada), read Vegas, salt Lake town center and Phoenix (Arizona). One approached also briefly Mexico. As the attempt to buy up the active of the konkursiten Braniff international wrongly, the network of air routes struck Washington, Oregon and Idaho into the northern Federal States was extended. The fleet was increased around BAe of 146 regional airplanes, around smaller airports at the west coast, like z. B. to approach the California places Eureka and Concorde.

1987 fused PSA with US Airways (USAir). The last flight under PSA flight number found to 8. April 1988 instead of. Afterwards the network of air routes Pacific Southwest Airlines was gradually shut down and the aircraft to the east coast was shifted. The operation center at the airport San Diego was given up.

the airline experienced incidents a devastating setback in the year 1978, when one full-occupies Boeing 727 in the approach flight on the airport Lindbergh Field in San Diego with a Cessna, which was on a training course flight, collided. Both machines fell northeast from the airport into a residential area. Boeing of the PSA fell the Cessna into the Dwight Street , corner Boundary Street and exploded, against it into the neighbourhood the close University Street.

The two crash places lay apart zirka 700 meters. 160 humans found death: 150 passengers (among other things numerous coworkers of the PSA), the two pilots of the Cessna and eight humans, which were at the time of the misfortune on the road or in their houses.

As a cause it was recognized that the inattentiveness of the air traffic controller in addition, those led the crew equally too these fate clinging tragedy. The Tower on the Lindbergh Field did not order at the time at that time over appropriate radar facilities and the crew Boeing 727 before the private airplane already sighted during its landing routine for seconds from the eyes had lost.

A forced landing of the passenger plane was impossible due to the strongly damaged hydraulic and flap system at the right bearing area. Boeing 727 inverted (“turned on the backs”), lost at lift and fell uncontrollably on the residential area. The recording of the Stimmenrekorders (“black box”) confirmed that the pilots to last tried, the machine under control to get.


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