Paea wolf gram

of Paea wolf gram
[[picture: |200px]]
birth name Paea wolf gram
of weight class heavyweight
nationality Tongaisch
birthday 1. December 1971
place of birth Vava'u
day of death
death place
style link rushing situation
of size 1.94 m
combat statistics
of fights of 25
victories 20
KO of victories 14
defeats 5
no valuation

Paea wolf gram (* 1. December 1971 in Vava'u, Tonga) is a tongaischer Schwergewichtsboxer.


in the box competition of the olympic summer games 1996 won the normal arm in the superheavyweight (over 91 kg) the silver medal. It weighed at that time 154.5 kg and 23 fights had won. It against the Kubaner Alexis Rubalcaba won and lost the semi-final the final against Vladimir Klitschko.


1996 became Paea wolf gram of Profiboxer. He could never tie to his good amateur achievements and struck no well-known opponent. It created it even, against the Clubfighter Marion Wilson (balance at that time 10-25-3!) to lose. To 18. Again it fought to March 2000 in Hamburg in a twelve-round fight for the Intercontinental champion title of the WBC (not to confound with a WM-title) against his amateur rival Vladimir Klitschko and went in the first round of cost.

It lost two of its next four fights and hung the gloves 2001 to the nail. it made once again a comeback for 2003 and lost immediately again.

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