Palace Grassalkovich

view of the palace Grassalkovič

the palace Grassalkovich (slowakisch Grasalkovičov palác), also president palace (Prezidentský palác) mentioned, is a building in Bratislava. In it is the seat of the president of the Slowakei and it is north the old part of town in the proximity of the Erzbischöflichen summer palace.


the building is an impressive Rococo -/latebaroque summer palace with a French garden. It became 1760 for the kroatischstämmigen count Anton Grassalkovich, that at that time president of the Hungarian royal chamber was by A. Mayerhofer establishes. To the building many beautiful areas and impressive stairs belong.

The building became after its completion the center of the baroque music in Bratislava. Some premieres of the works of Joseph Haydn took place in the palace, count Grassalkovič even possessed their own orchestra and at the same time living Nikolaus I. Joseph prince Esterházy “often borrowed” its conductor Joseph Haydn to it. Since the count was a favourite Maria Theresias, the palace was also often used for different balls and festivenesses of the imperial yard. So for example Haydn directed the orchestra, when Marie Christine of Austria, a daughter Maria Theresias, whom duke Albert of Saxonia Te, governor of the Kingdom of Hungary in press castle at that time, married. Slowakischer politician, one says Ľudovít Štúr, after, he confessed his love for Adela Ostrolúcka of these for the first time on one of ore duke Stefan Franz Viktor of Austria to organized ball in the palace. The last owners of the messuage before the end of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy in the year 1918 were ore duke Friedrich of Austria and its wife Isabella of Croy Dülmen.

Of 1939 - 1945 were the palace then seat of the slowakischen president (Jozef Tiso), afterwards during the communist era were it for the first time after 1945 seat of the “authorized person advice”, a kind government of the Slowakei within Czechoslovakia. 1950 then became it in “house of the pioneers and the youth Klement of God forest “(slowakisch cathedral pionierov A mládeže Klementa Gottwalda), a kind leisure center for the Bratislavaer youth (called in socialistically organized form pioneer). By the neglect of the building accompanying with it carried off this large damage, so that a restoration became urgently necessary for the end of communism 1989 (see also Samtene revolution).

After its renovation into the early 1990er years became it to 30. September 1996 the seat of the slowakischen president. The associated large garden plant is now a public park, to which also a statue of Johann Nepomuk Hummel, composer from Bratislava belongs. During the Christmas season the palace is in “Coca-Cola” - style illuminates. (see in addition Web on the left of).

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