Panteleimon Sergejewitsch Romanow

Panteleimon Sergejewitsch Romanow (Russian ПантелеймонСергеевичРоманов; * 24. July 5. August 1884 in Petrowskoje, Oblast Tula; † 8. April 1938 in Moscow) was a Russian writer.

It treated topics in its realistic novels from the time according to the October Revolution and argued also with negative features the Soviet bureaucracy .


  • Towarischtsch Kisljakow, 1931 (German 3 pair of silk socks)
  • Rus, 5 parts, 1923-36

note: Double data are first of all indicated in accordance with Julian calendar, which applied in Russia up to the October Revolution 1917, secondly in accordance with in the west since that 16. /18. Jh. used Gregorian calendar. See also: Wikipedia: Name conventions/cyrillic


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