aerial photo of Papeete 2005
Markthalle in Papeete
market hall in Papeete

Papeete is the capital of French Polynesien and lies on the island Tahiti, which belongs to the society islands.

The number of inhabitants of the city amounts to 26,181 persons, while the entire dye has 127,635 inhabitants (numbers of 2002).

The Missionar William Crook was 1818 the first European, who settled in the area of the today's Papeete. The tahitianische queen Pomaré IV. left itself thereupon likewise there down and raised Papeete 1830 ago to its capital. Papeete became a regional handels and transportation center. After colonizing by France with establishment of a protectorate 1842 Papeete remained the capital. A fire destroyed 1884 large parts of the place, also a cyclone caused 1906 large damages.

Herman Melville was starting from 1842 as a convict in Papeete. Its there experiences formed the basis of its novella Omoo. Paul Gauguin traveled 1891 after Papeete and returned, up to the years 1893 to 1895, never again to France. Also Robert Louis Stevenson and Henry Adam spent 1891 some time in Papeete.

The international airport of Papeete, Faaa, was opened 1962. In September 1995 it came because of the French atomic tests on the Mururoa - atoll three days long to violent arguments, which led nearly to the destruction of the airport.


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