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Wappen von Papenburg Deutschlandkarte, Position von Papenburg hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Lower Saxony
district: Ems country
kind of municipality: City, independent municipality
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 53° 4 ′ N, 7° 24 ′ O
53° 4 ′ N, 7° 24 ′ O
height: 6 m and. NN
surface: 118.36 km ²
inhabitants: 34.519 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 292 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 26871 (in former times: 2990)
Telephone preselections: 0 49 61, 0 49 62, 0 49 65
Kfz characteristics: EL
municipality key: 03 4 54 041
city arrangement: 6 local parts
of the city administration:
Forward channel rh. 68/69
26871 Papenburg
official Website:
E-Mail address:
mayor: Ulrich Nehe (non-party)

Papenburg is a city at the Ems in Lower Saxony in the district Ems country. Papenburg is supraregional admits throughMeyer throwing, which specialized in the building of cruise ships.

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Papenburg im Landkreis Emsland

Geografie [work on] in the north of the district.

neighbour municipalities

in the north Papenburg borders on the municipality Westoverledingen in the district empty, inThe west to the municipality Rhede, in the south to the integrated municipality Dörpen and in the east to the integrated municipality Nordhümmling.

the local parts Papenburg Untenende, Papenburg Obenende, Herbrum, Tunxdorf, nominal village, ash village and Bokel belong to city arrangement to the city Papenburg.

Situationthe local parts in the city:

  1. Ash village
  2. Bokel
  3. Herbrum
  4. nominal village
  5. Papenburg
  6. Tunxdorf


in the year 1458 admits Hayo of Haren, towards. of the Papenborch, Propst to empty, from bishop Johann von Münster with the Papenburg including accessories belehntto be. The leaning written undertaking issued over it contains the oldest examinable documentary mention Papenburgs.

To 2. December 1630 buys the Drost Dietrich von Velen von Friedrich of Schwarzenberg the leaning property including accessories for 1.500, - realm valleys, over in from the moorlandto establish surrounded area a Fehnkolonie.

To 4. April 1631 belehnt bishop Ferdinand von Münster his Drosten Dietrich von Velen and its descendants with castle and property Papenburg. This year is considered generally as a year of the foundation of the later city Papenburg.

To7. February 1657 belehnt the bishop von Münster Christoph Berhard count von Galen Dietrich von Velen with public powers and equips the property Papenburg with the rights of a glory.

To 7. Decembers 1680 donate Hermann Matthias von Velen andits wife Margaretha Anna, geb. from Galen, the oldest parish church in Papenburg and they weihen hl. Antonius as a protection patron.

In the year 1806 Papenburger shipowners ask the duke of arene mountain, the glory under guidance of the Patrimonialrichters Godfried Bueren outto dismiss the herzoglichen national sovereignty into independence. One does not correspond to this desire.

To 17. May 1833 receives a new condition, which does not correspond however to the reform desires to Papenburg, since it grants only the status of a Fleckens to the place.

To 30. The basicwonderful rights of the family are bought to March 1853 by Landsberg Velen at Papenburg of the municipality for 100.000, - realm valleys. The glory Papenburg expired.

1856 receive Papenburg connection to the Eisenbahnnetz, to the Hannover west course from Osnabrück to Emden

to1. August 1860 approves the royal hannoversche ministry of the Interior the acceptance of the city order of 1858. Thus Papenburg becomes a city.

At the 1. January 1973 the city ash village and the municipalities Bokel , Tunxdorf , nominal village and Herbrum becomes inthe city Papenburg in in common December.

To 28. March 1990 decides the federal state parliament of Lower Saxony in the law to the reorganisation of the city ash village as well as the municipalities Langförden, Vörden and Mulsum a correction of the Gemeinderefom. This law is of the Federal Constitutional Court to 12. May 1992explained for futile and groundless/unnecessarily.

inhabitant development

(in each case to 31. December)

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Papenburg have the status of an independent municipality

composition of the town councillor

the advice of the city Papenburg have 39 members including the full-time mayor.

partnerships between cities

  • since that 10. September 1988 is Papenburg connected with the French city Roche away city in partnership.
  • To 14. October 1995 was decided a further partnership with the land municipality Pogranitschny (in former times Hermesdorf) in Russia.

Kuff „Margaretha

city hall (1913) in Papenburg a theatre of the culture area Papenburg. Regularly can then performances of the ranges theatres, classical concerts, small art, jazz, special meetings, lectures and art exhibitions inthe town hall, which theatres are visited or the aula of the national High School.

There is give a cinema with five cinema halls, a supraregional exhibition center in the property to Altenkamp (quarter ash village), a Freillichtmuseum (quarter Obenende) and an interactive museum unique in Germany„Papenburger time memory “(quarter Untenende).

a city plant with channels, balance bridges, reminding of the Netherlands, possesses buildings Papenburg. It is the oldest and longest Fehnkolonie (moorland settlement) Germany.

A considerable building is the largest considered dry dock of the world- Meyer throwing. Meyer throwing is specialized in the building of special ships as luxuriösen cruise ships, auto and passenger ferries, passenger liners as well as guest anchors and animal transporters.

Further one of the largest test tracks of Europe automotives Testing Papenburg is to be found in Papenburg.

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Economics and infrastructure

the economy Papenburgs are mainly industrially coined/shaped. As most important industries are to be called, shipbuilding, automobile supply, tourism. Further industries are the textile industry, horticulture, motor vehicle examination.

Papenburgs trade and industry is as follows divided:

  • Trade and industrial area north,
  • industrial area south,
  • Trade and industrial area Deverhafen,
  • trade area of heart road,
  • trade area property yard route,
  • trade area flax sea route,
  • trade area Rheder road,
  • trade area at the test area,

into this industry - and trade areas are among other things the following companies settled:

Meyer - threw, KS - sliding bearing, ADO of serving works, Prokon north biomass combined heat and power station, G+H PreCaband ship development, trained & Bruns port envelope, ATP of automotives Testing Papenburg, Salamander Papenburg, Ems country of panels, Brügmann Papenburg, horticulture center Papenburg

and other small, middle and larger industry - and industrial concerns.

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