Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures is an US-American production company both for cinema - and television films and - series. The company is part of the Viacom company.

Of Adolph Zukor to 12. July 1912 as “Famous Players film Corp” based, is “ParamountPictures " the largest film company in Hollywood. 1919 began to buy up the enterprise systematically cinemas. In the large time Hollywoods was Paramount in a steady competition with Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM). With the end of the classical Studiosystems with contract cinema and contract actorsEnd of the forties began a fall of the entire film industry, from which also Paramount could not extract itself. Arising the television led to a further medialen and business meaning loss.

Paramount Pictures became 1966 of the mixing company Gulf and Western Industries (later Gulf+Western) taken over. Under new guidance their diversification began to sell their industrial participations in favor of a concentration on the medium participation into the 1980ern G+W and gave up. G+W changed its names in Paramount Communications in the consequence 1989.

1994 became Paramount Communications bought up of Viacom and is further responsible for the production and distribution of contents for cinema and television.

“Paramount Pictures” manufactured world successes until 2003 over 3000 films, among them like the godfather, star Trek, Grease, Forrest Gump or Titanic.

Outside of the USA Paramount Pictures as well as universal operates Studios the film rental business United internationally Pictures (UIP), over which most own titles are driven out. A similar Konstrukt insisted in the form of CIC video on thatHome video market. Due to fusions in the house universal and the DVD boom made universal independent and took over themselves the business of PolyGram video. After Universals retreat from CIC took over Paramount the business, which firmiert since January 2000 as Paramount Home Entertainment.

The publication of borrowing and purchase videos of the Paramount Pictures takes place in Germany by means of the Paramount Home Entertainment (Germany) GmbH with seat in Unterföhring with Munich. Before that 1. April 2005 was the company headquarters in Frankfurt/Main.

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