Parasites of humans

parasite of humans are parasites, which strike humans. Also on many bacteria and mushrooms the definition parasite applies; they are also treated however due to their medical meaning and their partial only fakultativen parasitism in the fields of activity bacteriology and Mykologie within the microbiology. Many parasites transferred frequently different parasites, then first are counted to the vectors.

Noteworthy it is in each case that most development stages of most parasites are killed by simple Pasteurisieren with 60° Celsius for some minutes that however some to survive know even longer low freezing at temperatures over minus 20° Celsius.

  • Here the most frequent parasites of humans are listed.

Systematics for the time being after: Parasitologie - with special consideration of humanpathogener forms, Johannes Dönges, 2. u.u.e. Aufl. 1988, George Thieme publishing house stuttgart N.Y. ISBN 3135799026

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Protozoa - Protozoi parasites

(see also: Infection by Protozoen)

trunk Sarcomastigophora

class Zoomastigophora
family Trypanosomatidae (Trypanosomatiden)
kind Trypanosoma (Trypanosomen), exciters of Trypanosomiasis
      • Trypanosoma brucei gambiense, exciter of the African sleep illness
      • Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense exciters of the East Africa niches sleep illness
      • Trypanosoma cruzi, exciters of Chagas
kind Leishmania (Leishmanien), exciters of the Leishmaniose
      • Leishmania donovani exciters of the viszeralen Leishmaniasis od. Kala Azar
      • Leishmania tropica, exciters of the Orientbeule
      • Leismania brasiliensis, exciters of the American Hautleishmaniasis
order Trichomonadida
order Diplomonadida
  • Unterstamm Sarcodina

trunk Apicomplexa (= Sporozoa, Sporentierchen)

order Coccidia
      • Isospora belli, exciters of the Coccidiose with humans
      • Sarcocystis suihominis, exciters of Darmsarcosporidiose with humans
      • Sarcocystis bovihominis
kind Plasmodium, exciter of the malaria

trunk Ciliophora (Wimpertierchen)


Piekarski took up additionally the Rickettsien as well as Coxiella burnetii, the exciter of the Q-fever to its book.

Metazoa - Metazoi parasites

Plathelminthes (flat worms)

(trunk Plathelminthes)

Trematoda (of suction worms, diaeresis death)

(class Trematoda)
subclass Digenea [1]
putting Anepitheliocystidia above
order Echinostomida
order Strigeida
over family Schistosomatoidea
  • family Schistosomatidae
Unterfamilie Schistosomatinae
kind Schistosoma (couple gel)
      • Schistosoma haemotobium, exciters of the Urogenital bilharziose
      • Schistosoma mansoni, exciter the intestine bilharziose
      • Schistosoma japonicum, exciters of the East Asian Bilharziose
      • Schistosoma intercalatum, as well as hybrids with Sch. haemotobium
Unterfamilie Bilharziellinae
      • Trichobilharzia szidati, exciters of the Schistosomatidendermatitis, (Badedermatitis)
order Plagiorchiida
  • family Troglotrematidae
kind Paragonimus (lung gel - lung worm?)
      • Paragonimus westermani, exciters of the East Asian Paragonimiasis
      • Paragonimus africanus, exciters of the African Paragonimiasis
      • Paragonimus uterobilateralis, exciters of the African Paragonimiasis
      • Paragonimus kellicotti, new world
      • Paragonimus caliensis, South America
order Opisthorchiida
  • family Heterophyidae (dwarf intestine gel)
      • Heterophyes of heterophyes
      • Metagonimus yokogawai
  • unsorted:
      • Gastrodiscoides hominis (Gastrodiscidae)
      • Watsonius watsoni
      • Fischoederius elongatus (Paramphistomidae)

comparisons also: Liver gel, Cercarie;

Cestodea (tapeworms, Cestoden)

(subclass Cestodea)
putting Eucestoda above (arranged tapeworms)
  • order Pseudophyllidea
  • order Cyclophyllidea

Nematoda (thread worms, Nematoden)

(Unterstamm Nematoda)
  • class Secernentea
  • order Rhabditida
    • subordination Rhabditina
    • subordination Strongylina
    • subordination Ascaridina
  • order Spirurida
    • subordination Camellalina
  • class Adenophorea
  • order Enoplida
    • subordination Dorylaimina
      • family Trichuridae
    • subordination Dioctophymina
      • family Dioctophymatidae
        • Dioctophyme renale (giant kidney worm), rarely

Annelida (Ringelwürmer)

(class: Oligochaeta)

Pentastomida (of tongue worms)

(class Pentastomida)
  • Armillifer armillatus, exciters of of the African Pentastomiasis
  • Linguatula multiannulata, rarely

Arthropoda (Gliederfüsser, Arthropoden)

(Unterstamm Arthropoda)

Arachnida (of Arachnids)

(class Arachnida)

order Acari (mites)

Insecta (insects)

(class Insecta); S.A.: Blood sucking insects
Siphonaptera (of fleas)
(order Siphonaptera)
Phthiraptera (animal lice)
(order Phthiraptera)
family Pediculidae (of people lice)
Hemiptera (Schnabelkerfen)
(order Hemiptera)
Lepidoptera (butterflies)
(order Lepidoptera)
following kinds and kinds can transfer various pathogens on mechanical way:
Diptera (Zweiflügler)
(order Diptera)

Mammalia, (mammals)

(class Mammalia)

Pisces (of fish)

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  • systematics for the time being after: Parasitologie - with special consideration of humanpathogener forms, Johannes Dönges, 2. u.u.e. Aufl. 1988, George Thieme publishing house stuttgart N.Y. ISBN 3135799026
  • Medical Parasitology in Plates, Gerhard Piekarski, 1962, Bavarian AG

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  • German society for tropical medicine and international health registered association.
  • possible effects of climatic changes on the propagation of primarily human-medically relevant pathogens over animal vectors as well as on the important human parasites in Germany [4], pdf, 3.5 MT


of quotations

  • “It must NO more longer said that the one which crimps in such a way that he had tons sends for the doctor. The medical practitioner OF the future must examine the one while he is apparently waves, tons detect any incipient departure from normally and ton teach and urge modes OF living comfortable ton the laws OF personal health, and the publicly health authorities that man's environment is into accordance with scientific teaching. “
1924, David Bruce, discoverers of the Brucellen and researchers of the sleep illness

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