Parral (Chile)

Parral is a city in the center of Chile in the Región del grumbles. In the municipality Paral live 37,822 inhabitants (2002).

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Parral is appropriate for about 42 km southwest from Linares, about 90 km south of Talca and 340 km south of Santiago de Chile. It belonged to the province Linares and lies to the Panamericana.

The climate is mediterran with warm summers.


the city became to 27. February 1794 as mansion Reina Luisa del Parral of the Irish Ambrosio O' Higgins based. Ambrosio O' Higgins was the father of the first Supremo Director of Chile Bernardo O' Higgins.

Parral is the birth city of Pablo Neruda, the Chilean carrier of the literature Nobelpreises of 1971.

Likewise in the city general Basilio Urrutia Vásquez ( 1816-1881) was born, which was in the saltpeter war of Chilean war and naval Ministers. It was also considerably in the Arauco war active.

In the proximity the berüchtige Colonia Dignidad is appropriate for the city, in which it came to the Putsch 1973 to tortures.

the city many tourists tightens objects of interest as birth city of Pablo Neruda. The surrounding countryside of the city offers a set of Weinbaugebieten. In the proximity the Thermalquellen Termas de Catillo are appropriate for the city.

Two large artificial lakes, the Elmbalse Digua and the Embalse Bullileo invite to trips.


Parral lives mainly on the tourism and the agriculture, in particular on the Reisanbbau. Approximately 60% of national rice production come from the surrounding countryside of Parral.

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coordinates: 36° 8 ′ 60 " S, 71° 49 ′ 60 " W


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