Partido Socialista de Chile

flag of the Partido Socialista de Chile

the Partido Socialista de Chile (splinter A socialist party of Chile) is a political party in Chile and part of the governing center left coalition Concertación. It places the present president of the country with Michelle Bachelet.


1933 was created the party as as the second Marxist labour party beside the communist party already existing, contrary to the communist party retained themselves the socialist party the independence from all revolutionary centers as for instance the Soviet Union. Starting from 1970 the Partido Socialista with Salvador all end placed the president, who was fallen 1973 by a Militärputsch under Augusto Pinochet.

After the readmission of the parties 1987 the Partido Socialista accepted increasingly courses of a social-democratic party, dissociated themselves from the Leninism and occurred for an alliance with the parties of the center. The Partido Socialista is today third-strongest Kraft within the Concertación, placed however with Michelle Bachelet the common candidate for the ballot to the presidency to 15. January 2006.

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