Pasadena (California)

Pasadena is a city which was because of the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains in California. In Pasadena the California institutes OF Technology ( Caltech) is, to which the jet Propulsion Laboratory belongs, that in co-operation with NASA (national air and space agencythe USA) one operates. The city is center for the development and production of electronics and precision instruments. In Pasadena each year at the New Year's Day the Tournament OF Roses is organized (for the first time 1890). The Norton Simon museum OF kind possesses many works of the German expressionism.The headquarters of the Theosophi society in America, also “Theosophi society Pasadena” mentioned, is since here 1951.

The area of the today's Pasadena belonged in former times to the mission San Gabriel (1771). Farmers from Indiana created here 1873 a colony. Around 1900 developedthe municipality to a resort and a cultivation area for Zitrusfrüchte. After 1920 it became a suburb of Los Angeles and became larger. The name Pasadena arose for the first time 1875 . The usual origin derivative interprets crown on a word of the Chippewa Indians, in their language Pasadena „the valley” means.

The place grew strongly, when it became a junction of the Santa Fe railway. The role as regional center was still supported by later events, among them the Roses parade elimination, as well as the building of the Figueroa Street, the Pasadena Freeway, of the Harbor Freeway, and last of Los Angeles the Metro gold LINE in the year 2003.

After the Census 2000 the number of inhabitants 133,936 in 51.844 households, to the 1 amounts to. July 2004 had the city of 144,068 inhabitants. The city covers 60.0 km ².

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partnerships between cities

Pasadena maintains a partnership between cities with Ludwigshafen.

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coordinates: 34° 9 ' 22 "N, 118° 7 ' 55 " W


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