Patinierte Skulptur in Gips
Patinierte sculpture in gypsum
Alterungspatina (Bronze)
aging patina (bronze)
fresh bronze casting and antique original

patina (v. ital.: patina varnish) is by aging or by artificial aging surface developed (structure and color).

A sculpture, which is exposed to the influences of the weather,a singular, often very attractive surface receives by the chemical or corrosive influences.

In the contemporary art patina is often consulted for the underlining of the artistic effect of a sculpture. The process calls itself patinieren. The surface often becomes with a dye filmor covered for glaze ( for example Farbpigment mixed with wax) and then with different techniques further processed (, brushed, polish, etc. scratch). Deep ones are usually stressed with a darker colour, while the heights are emphasized by a bright colour. Thus a sculpture wins on Plasticity, the surface works more alive.

For the production of the artificial patina in particular the following materials are used: Oil glaze, acryl, wax, white spirit glaze and Farbpigmente.

Copper patina are copper (carbonate sulfate chloride) - hydroxide mixtures (basic copper connections) and e.g. form. on copper roofs, which are exposed to the weather. Againstlandläufiger opinion is this, usually greenish, layer however no verdigris. Verdigris is the trivial designation for copper acetate.


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