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Periferia (region): West Greece
Nomos (prefecture): Achaia
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 38° 14 ′ N, 21° 43 ′ O
38° 14 ′ N, 21° 43 ′ O
surface:125.42 km ²
inhabitants: 163.446 (2001)
population density:43,6 for each km ²
height:0 to 1.926m
postal zip codes: 260 to 265
preselection: 2610
Kfz characteristics: AX
administrative address: 76 Dim. Gounari Ave.
Patras 262 25
(Greek and English)

Patras, ital. Patrasso, griech. Πάτρα Pátra old-Greek “Patrai”, one of the important ports of Greece, capital of the Nomos Achaiaand, (rebuilt since the destruction during the war of liberation 1821) amphitheatralisch on the southeast coast of the sea bosom of the same name in fruitful area , has a number of beautiful, broad and straight-line roads, which pull themselves from the beach hügelan, is appropriate for the region west Greece several public places and dock as well asa citadel.

Patras is seat of a Greek archbishop. Patras is famous in Greece because of Patras Karneval or Patrino Karnavali, a two months long impressive celebration in the winter. Patras' Karneval is the largest Karneval in Greece with approx. 50000 Karnevalisten. Patras' university is alsovery importantly in Greece. The number of inhabitants amounts to 163,400 (2001), thus is Patras to Athens, Thessaloniki and jetty from the fourth largest city of Greece. In the year 2006 Patras is culture capital of Europe.

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the city becomes in the west of the Ioni sea and in the east of the Ausläufern of the Panaxaiko mountains (griech. Παναχαϊκό), which up to 1.926 m and. NN rises (summit Palavou Pyrgos, Greek Παλαβού Πύργος), limited. Patras is because of the Patraikos gulf (Greek Patraikos Kolpos, Πατραϊκός Κόλπος) youit lies in a seismologisch active area why she is shaken again and again by earthquakes. Particularly the strait between Patraikos and Korinthiakos gulf D. h. Rion Antirrion is seismologisch active.


a little east of Patras with Rion became after 5 years construction period in August2004 the longest cable-stayed bridge of the world for traffic approved. The 2,252 meters long Rion Antirion bridge connects the Peloponnes with the centralGreek mainland.


the city Patras in the antiquity, the excessive quantity after of the Achäer Patreus, based by combination of three cities, Aroe, Antheia and Mesatis. But eastern cults, which kept there, interpret on it that first probably Phöniker resided here.

As port it became soon one first under the twelve achäischen cities. From their alliance with three other achäischen cities over 280 v. Chr.the Achäi federation developed. Augustus granted the Paträern, whose city had rather heruntergekommen at that time, however under the Achäern the liberty as well as the rights and immunities of a Roman colony. Since this time the city on the coins bore the name Colonia Augusta AroePatrensis.

Patras possessed also one of the first Christian municipalities in the country and was beside Korinth the starting point for the Christianisierung of the peninsula. After the legend here the Apostel Andreas suffered martyr death. Its Gebeine came 357 to Konstantinopel, the Kopfreliquiar (1462 to 1964 in Rome) is admired today again in Patras.

1205 were conquered the city by Champlitte, count von Champagne, and to the seat of the duchy Achaia erkoren.

1408 sold Johann II. its small realm to the Venezianer, which Patras became to entrissen 1463 of the Turks. In the year1571 take place the naval battle of Lepanto, between Venice, Spain and Turkey in the gulf of Patras.1770 conquered the Russians and Mainoten Patras, had it however still in the same year to again vacate, on which it was burned by the Turks.

1820 suffered Patras importantly byEarthquake. Here the Greek revolution began with accumulates of 12. February 1821, whereby the Turks were pushed into the citadel. As a militarily important point the city became during the liberty war a main theater of the fight, but to 15. April 1822, after JussufPasha the citadel frightened had eingeäschert, from the Turks.Ibrahim pasha led from Patras the FE storage of Messolongi.

1828 took it the French auxiliary troops among cutters for Greece in possession; 1833 was replaced the Frenchmen by Bavarian troops, those with the new king of Greece,Otto had landcome from the house Wittelsbach into.

In 19. Century over Patras above all Korinthen were implemented to Great Britain and France.


Patras at night

Patras possesses a direct connection to Greek freeways - the net. The federal highway 8A (E 65) directionAthens is partly motorway-similarly developed.

Patras is connected by a meterspurige railroad line by Korinth with Athens, which is converted in several stages on standard gauge. The existing line leads further from Patras southward after Pyrgos, Kyparissia and Kalamata.

Is of special importance the portfor Patras. This is for Greece the gate for the remainder of the European Union. Most car ferries run in from Italy coming into Patras. Close by is the gulf of Patras.

In the place Araxos for instance 40km southwest from Patras is alsoan airport, which is headed for by some charter flights in the summer. In the winter term there are only domestic connections.

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