Patrick Döring

Patrick Döring (* 6. May 1973 in Stade) is a German politician (FDP) and since 2005 member of the German federal daily.

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training and occupation

after its Abitur 1992 studied DO ring to 1997 economic science at the University of Hanover. Since 1999 the diploma economist is an attorney of a medium-size insurance company there and also since 2002 member of the executive committee.

political career

DO ring occurred 1991 the FDP and is since then member of the boys liberals, whose deputy federal presidency it had from 1994 to 1997. Since 2000 it is member of the acting regional-level party council of the FDP Lower Saxony.

Patrick Döring sits since 2001 in the advice of the city Hanover and is since 2002 of chairmen of the FDP advice parliamentary group.

With the election to the Bundestag it drew 2005 over the national list Lower Saxony into the Bundestag .

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