Patrick O' Brian

Patrick O' Brian (* 12. December 1914 in Chalfont pc. Peter, Buckinghamshire, England; † 2. January 2000 in Dublin; actually smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Patrick Russ) was for its navalhistorical novels famous British author.

Der Autor vor dem Hintergrund der HMS Surprise aus dem Film "Master and Commander".
The author before the background of the HMS Surprise outthe film “master and COMM other”.

its works

O' Brian already wrote his first narrations and Kurzgeschichten as a young person. Some little successful novels and narrations, before it with twenty-restrain, followed navalhistorical Aubrey Maturin series around captain Aubrey and ship's doctor Maturin became world-wide successful. ThatModel of the figure of the Jack Aubrey was the historical British sea-hero Thomas lord Cochrane.

After the first books were hardly considered first, the number of readers constantly rose. In the meantime the books were millionfold shifted, and in the year 2003 with Russell Crowe films (masters& COMM other - To to the end of the world). Its novels are considered in the meantime as large literature, it are by far deep and multilayered than other representatives of this category. He wrote 20 novels around captain Jack Aubrey and ship physician Stephen Maturin. In the autumn 2004 the unfinished appeared21. Novel of the series, which only “21” one called and which contained first three chapters and the planned end.

Beside its novels O wrote' Brian among other things to biographies of Picasso and the English natural scientist Sir Joseph bank and translated works such as Henri CharrièresPapillon “.

his life

Patrick O' Brian was that youngest of nine children and spent a heavy childhood drawn by illness. After it tried in vain in the Second World War to occur the Royal air Force it worked as a British secret agent. During the war he learned itssecond woman know, with whom it pulled in the postwar years first to Wales, before they established themselves in Southern France. Here it wrote up to its death at its famous novel row, which it began 1969.
O' Brian died in January 2000 in a Dubliner hotel.

Work on []

The volumes of the Aubrey Maturin series

  1. master and COMM other (1970, course on of Spain coast), ISBN 3548253172
  2. post office Captain (1972, hostile sails), ISBN 3548253180
  3. H.M.S. Surprise (1973, duel before Sumatra), ISBN 3548253199
  4. The Mauritius COMMAND (1977, secret mission Mauritius), ISBN 3548252036
  5. Desolation Iceland (1978, storm in the Antarctic), ISBN 3548252087
  6. The Fortune OF was (1979, cannons on high lake), ISBN 3548252125
  7. The Surgeon's Mate (1980, pursuit in the fog), ISBN 3548253202
  8. The Ionian mission (1981, the islands of the pashas), ISBN 3548253296
  9. Treason's Harbour (1983, danger in the Red Sea), ISBN 3548254357
  10. The far simmers OFthe World (1984, maneuver around fire country), ISBN 3548254438
  11. The Reverse OF the Medal (1986, port of the misfortune), ISBN 3548256422
  12. The type character OF Marque (1988, victory of the Freibeuter), ISBN 3548256430
  13. The Thirteen Gun Salute (1989, deadly reef), ISBN 3548257216
  14. The Nutmeg OF Consolation (1991, anchor before Australia), ISBN 3548257305
  15. Clarissa Oakes (1993, the islands of the volcanos), ISBN 3548257704
  16. The Wine Dark Sea (1993, dangerous one sea before cape Hoorn), ISBN 3548257747
  17. The Commodore (1995, the triumph of the Kommodore), ISBN 3548259022
  18. The Yellow admiral (1996, the yellow admiral), ISBN 3548259030
  19. The dog-talk Days (1998, missionin the Mediterranean), ISBN 3548261256
  20. Blue RK the Mizzen (1999, the wages of the Navy), ISBN 3548261310
  21. The unfinished journey OF Jack Aubrey (2004), ISBN 039306025X


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