Paul Alcide Blancpain

Paul Alcide Blancpain (* 30. March 1839 in Villeret in Bernese law; † 22. March 1899 in Freiburg in the Üechtland) was a Swiss brewery entrepreneur.

It came of to a Uhrmacherfamilie and became 1857 partners of the parental Uhrenfabrik. 1876 course it from the enterprise back and bought to 1877 in Freiburg bankruptcy a gone brewery.

As a Pope Leo XIII. to 23. June 1890 with Gaspard Mermillod for the first time a bishop of Freiburg lent, brought the brewery Blancpain to this cause the fixed beer Cardinal on the market. This product was so successful that Paul Blancpain decided to give to his brewery in the future the name Cardinal.

From 1893 to its death the reformed Blancpain belonged coined/shaped city Freiburg as a member of the FDP the general council that to predominantly Roman-catholic.

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