Paul Abraham

Paul Abraham or Pál Ábrahám (* 2. November 1892 in Apatin (south Hungary); † 6. May 1960 in Hamburg) was a Hungarian composer. It wrote primarily Operetten.


Abraham studied at the Budapester music academy of 1910until 1916. Beginning of the twenties it began first compositions. 1927 he became a Kapellmeister at the Budapester mainurban Operettentheater, where 1930 also his first Operette Viktoria and their Hussar were successfully uraufgeführt. With the expansion of its popularity in Germany it moved to Berlin. There it beganalso with the composition of Filmmusiken. 1933 it emigrierte to Vienna, where it composed still three unsuccessful Operetten. Subsequently, it returned 1938 to Budapest. Up to the beginning of war it composed there several Operetten, which do not admit however no more are. Thereupon it went to Cubaand further to New York, where he could not tie to earlier successes and 1946 became spirit ill. 1956 it had to leave the USA and returned to Germany, where it lived in Hamburg sanatoriums. 1960 it died at the consequences of a knee operation inHamburg [1].


  • Zenebona (the husband of Ms), Operette 3 document (together with other composers). Premiere 1928 Budapest. Libretto: L.Lakatos + S.Brody
  • Viktoria and its Hussar, Operette 3 document + play. Premiere 21. February 1930 Budapest, capital. Operettentheater.Libretto:Alfred green forest + Fritz Löhner Beda
  • the flower of Hawaii, Operette 3 document. Premiere 24. July 1931 Leipzig, new theatre. Libretto: Alfred green forest + Fritz Löhner Beda, after Imre Földes
  • ball in the Savoy, Operette 3 document + play. Premiere 23. December 1932 Berlin,Large Schauspielhaus. Libretto: Alfred green forest + Fritz Löhner Beda. English:Ball RK The Savoy, 8. September 1933 London, Drury Lane Theatre
  • fairy tale in the Grand hotel, Lustspieloperette 3 document premiere 29. March 1934 Vienna, theatre at that Vienna. Libretto: Alfred green forest + Fritz Löhner Beda
  • Dschainah, thatGirl from the dance house, Operette 3 document. Premiere 21. December 1935 Vienna, theatre at that Vienna. Libretto: Alfred green forest + Fritz Löhner Beda
  • Roxy and its miracle team, more in music football-vary. Premiere 1937 in Vienna
  • the white swan, 193?
  • Still miracles, 193 happen?
  • Julia, Operette 3 document. Premiere 1937 in Budapest
  • two lucky hearts. Libretto by Robert Gilbert + Armin L.Robinson. Performance date does not admit


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