Paul Bühlmann

Paul Bühlmann (* 12. February 1927 in Zurich; † 15. July 2000) was a well-known Swiss folk actor.

It grew up in the city Zurich and up to its death lived also there. It played in the 1950er and 1960er years in some radio performances of Hans Gmür of musical also, so for instance in “Bibi Balu” and “golden Girl”.

The large break-through succeeded to it in the film “policeman Wäckerli in danger” together with Jörg cutter as Ganoven duo “Feusi and Vögeli”. In addition, in serious roles like “the frozen heart” of Xavier vest it had large success. It reached the high point in the title part of the piece of dialect “De Schacher Sepp”, which on the Bavarian Brandner Kaspar was based, 1990 in the inhabitant of zurich Bernhard theatre was uraufgeführt. Paul Bühlmanns preferential roles were vary and comedies. Together with Jörg cutter and Ines Torelli he toned many pieces of the Kasperlitheaters, which in the meantime Swiss classical author of the toned child fairy tale became. Bühlmann spoke therein frequently the bad and zwielichtigen figures with knarriger voice and an inimitable charm. In addition Paul Bühlmann was a faithful fan inhabitants of zurich of the football club.


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