Paul Bertololy

Paul Bertololy (* 12. February 1892 in Frankenthal (Pfalz) - † 28. November 1972 in Lembach (Elsass) was a German physician and writer.

Born as a son of the physician Karl Bertololy from Coswig (Saxonia) Paul Bertololy spent his childhood in the Pfalz. After the school attendance in Lambrecht, new city at the crying race, Munich, Aalen and Gmünd he studied medicine in Heidelberg, Strasbourg and Freiburg. In Heidelberg it belonged to the Corps Rhenania , whose history inspired it to the culture-historical novella “old Heidelberg, eternal student dream”.

it attained a doctorate to 1919 to the Dr. med. and established itself later than country doctor in Lembach in the Elsass. Bertololy wrote novels, novellas, Kurzgeschichten and radio plays, those in Paul List publishing house (Munich), with the Pfälzi publishing house (Neustadt/Wstr.), in the high baptism publishing house (Bodmann) and in the publishing house Alsatia (Freiburg) appeared. He was owner of several literary awards, among other things the culture price of the Upper Rhine of the J. W. of Goethe donation in Basel (1969) and the René Schickerle price (1973). The municipality Lembach appointed it its honour citizen.


  • a woman past (novel, 1931) Dora
  • Holdenrieth (novel, 1933) goes
  • to vision of the gothic (novel, 1936)
  • love (novel, 1942)
  • the Verfemten (novellas, 1947)
  • passion (novellas, 1947)
  • Aphorismen (1948)
  • the act Emil of the Thoman (novel, 19499
  • the Lausbuben (of novels, 1952)
  • in the face Mern (novel, 1956)
  • the duchess (novellas, 1958)
  • home coming (novellas, 1960)
  • old Heidelberg - eternal student dream (novella, 1962)
  • the cruise of the knight of the Wasigenstein (novel, 1973)
  • the Venuswagen of the Dr. Raley (novel 1984)
  • the cat, the woman and the murderer (radio play, 1978)
  • Maiana or the laughing Verdamnnis (1963/64, satire)
  • that cry from the night (Kriminalnovellen)


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