Paul Delvaux

Paul Delvaux, * 23. September 1897 in Antheit (bug), with Huy in Belgium20. July 1994 in Veurne (west Flanders), was a Belgian painter of the Surrealismus.

Delvaux studied at „the academy of the beautiful arts “in Brussels. After he saw the works of René of liking rides and Giorgio de Chirico, he followed 1937 of the surrealistischen movement. The broad public saw its paintings on the surrealistischen exhibition of 1938 in Paris.

Its characteristic works fall on by background landscapes realistically held, before which unbekleidete women dominate the picture. A further world Paul Delvaux is opened in the world of the railway (Trains you soir).

Wide wall paintings are in the Casino of east end (Oostende), to see in the congress palace Brussels and in zoo-logical Institut von Lüttich.

Delvaux worked since 1945 in the Weiler pc. Idesbald at the Belgian coast, local part of the municipality Koksijde. There since 1982 a museum is dedicated to its works.

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