Paul Markowski

Paul Markowski (* 1. June 1929 in Magdeburg; † 6. March 1978 in Libya) was a functionary of the SED in the GDR.

Markowski visited the high school to 1948 and studied to 1951 linguistics at the University of Rostock and the Humboldt university Berlin. it joined 1949 the FDJ , became 1950 candidate and 1952 member of the SED. 1951 it was in the committee for preparation III. World festivals, where it was used as interpreters.

1953 it studied 1951 at the German administrative academy and the German academy for state and jurisprudence in potsdam political sciences. 1953 1964 it was Instrukteur and/or. Sector leader in the department of foreign policy and international connections in the Ministry for foreign affairs. 1961 - it studied 1962 at the party university of the CPSU in Moscow.

1964 - 1966 it was deputy and/or. Department manager for international relations of the central committee of the SED, since 1967 candidate and since 1971 member of the central committee and member of the commission with regard to foreign policy of the Politbüros of the ZK of the SED as well as delegate of the people chamber, there as a member of the commission with regard to foreign policy. To 6. He died with a helicopter crash into Libya together to March 1978 with Werner Lamberz .

Markowski was distinguished 1965 and 1973 with the patriotic earnings/service medal and 1969 with the banner of the work.

The city Magdeburg had designated occasionally a place (Paul Markowski place) after it.


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