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Paul Leonard Newman (* 26. January 1925 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American actor, running driver and an entrepreneur. It is married in second marriage with Joanne Woodward and has five daughters from its two marriages. Its son Scott died 1978. Between the 1950er and 1980er years ranked Newman among the most popular Hollywood - star and played in many film classical authors the main role.

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Paul Newman becomes 1925 in ShakerHeights (a suburb of Cleveland) born in Ohio. Its father, to whom it has a strained relationship, dies early. Already as a child he gains first schauspielerische experiences in a Clevelander child announces 1943 with 18 years and the desire pilot to become, voluntarilywith US Navy. But it is not to be flown due to its Farbenblindheit been suitable an airplane. Thereupon it spends three years as a radio operator on board a torpedo bomber in the Pacific area. Again in America, Newman the actress Jacqueline of jokes becomes acquainted with 1947, which ittwo years later marries. The recent pair with a ererbten sports shop earns itself its living costs.

When Paul Newman locks 1949 his study at the Kenyon college, he sells shortly thereafter its portions of the business and is written in New York the Yale drama School, in order to take play instruction. After only unique pronouncing it becomes 1953 at Lee Strasbergs legendary Actors Studio certified. It begins its study in a class with Eli barrier oh, Rod riser, Julie Harris and Geraldine PAGE. With jobs in television live endings and alsoCommitments at Broadway he earns himself its living costs. In this time he becomes acquainted with Joanne Woodward , which as he is engaged as the second occupation at Broadway. It excites the first attention with its role as Alan Seymour in the piece of spades NIC - it becomes a successand with the Warner Brothers company brings its first film contract to it into Hollywood .

it plays 1954 the Greek slaves Wassili in production the silver cup - its first Filmrolle. Retrospectively Newman this role calls disaster. The Kostümierung was in such a manner embarrassing it thatit did not dare into the camera to look. Since its contract granted it to it, it decreased/went back to Broadway and appeared as main role together with Karl Malden in The Desperate Hours .

Only 1956 he dared himself again before the movie camera. This time asBox champion Rocky Graziano to hell is in me. The similarity with Marlon Brando, its sporty body and its stinging blue eyes are soon thereafter in Hollywood in demand.

1958 marries Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, after he of his first wife, the actress Jacqueline of jokes, 1956 was divorced. It in business successfully ranks already soon among the closer Riege of the Hollywoodstars. Its fate with the film script selection and its fighter type flow already soon in desired vocational success. All the same whether, never he leaves Western hero or cool type of loser open itselfa role profile finally specify, and so it plays itself in innumerable films across all category Hollywoods. However it turns 14 films with his Mrs. Joanne Woodward.

From its passion to cook the own grocery chain Newman's Own, those originated in far over 100 million dollargained, which were reinvested immediately into several social projects. Thus based Newman with its wife the The get into the barrier course Camp (excellently with the putting OI rice 1996) for cancer-ill children and children with other life-threatening blood diseases. In memories at his 1978 deceased sonfrom first marriage he brought the Scott Newman Foundation designated after him into being, which used up itself the fight against the drug abuse of young people.

Also politically is Newman engaged for the 60's extraordinarily. He was active participant of the civil rights movement, supported the disarmament campaigns duringthe cold war and its image used around donation funds to collect. Under president Nixon it stood on its notorious “enemy list “on rank number 19 - which it praised once as one of its best honors.

With the turning work to the film “Winning” (” Indianapolis -") In the year 1969 he found taste at racing, like also its colleagues James Garner and Steve McQueen to venture on lives and death.

engine haven

in the year 1979 became Newman owing to Rolf Stommelen at the age of 54 years on a Porsche 935 secondat the 24 hours of Le Mans. In the age of nearly 70 years it was 1995 even member in the winner team with the 24-Stunden-Rennen von Daytona. Also in the subsequent years it was still repeated at the start - with nearly 80.

Paul Newman created 1983 togetherwith the Lola at that time - general importer Carl Haas the Newman Haas IndyCar - team, the victory-richest CART team after Penske Racing as well as master team of:


it 1959 with Elizabeth Taylor into the cat on the hot sheet metal roof before the camera, one made Paul Newman in regular intervals hope for a OSCAR for OSCAR honors. Eight times it ranked among the favorites. And nevertheless it had until 1986warten, bis er den Ehren-Oscar für sein Gesamtwerk entgegennehmen durfte. Im Jahr darauf erhielt er dann für die Rolle des alten Billardprofi Eddie inMartin Scorseses Die Farbe des Geldes den lang ersehnten Oscar für seine schauspielerische Leistung.

  • nominating (OSCAR) - 1958 - best leading actor into the cat on the hot sheet metal roof
  • nominating (OSCAR) - 1961 - best leading actor into sharks of the large city
  • nominating (OSCAR) - 1963 - best leading actor in the wildest one under thousands
  • nominating (OSCAR) -1967 - Best leading actor in uncompromising
  • nominating (OSCAR) - 1981 - best leading actor into the Sensationsreporterin
  • nominating (OSCAR) - 1983 - best leading actor in The Verdict
  • nominating (OSCAR) - 1994 - best leading actor in Nobody's Fool

meaning films

  • Road ton of Perdition
  • Two bandits (Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid)
  • the Clou
  • Schlappschuss
  • accusation: High treason
  • of one must believe to (Billy The Kid)
  • exodus
  • of the terrace
  • Paris Blues
  • the price
  • lady L.
  • The zerissene curtain
  • a case for Harper
  • one called it Hombre
  • Indianapolis
  • A two luckless cowboy
  • machinations
  • that was not Roy Bean
  • flaming inferno
  • Buffalo Bill and the Indians
  • under water dies one
  • The Bronx

of films

  • 2002 Road tons of Perdition
  • 1999 Message in A Bottle
  • 1998 Magic Time For Piotr (TV-Special)
  • 1998 in the twilight
  • 1997 Super Speedway (only voice)
  • 1995 The Kennedy center Honors (TV-Special)
  • 1994 Nobody's Fool
  • 1994 Inside The Actors Studio (TV-series)
  • 1994 baseball (TV-series; only voice)
  • 1994 Hudsucker - the large jump
  • 1992 The Kennedy center Honors (TV-Special)
  • 1991 Miracle on 44th Street: A Portrait OF TheActors Studio
  • 1990 Mr. & Mrs. Bridge
  • 1989 Blaze - dangerous loving
  • 1989 the SchattenMacher
  • 1988 John Huston: The one, The Movies, The Maverick
  • 1988 The Racing Experience (video)
  • 1987 Hello Actors Studio (TV-Special)
  • 1986 the color of the money,
  • 1984 Harry and son
  • 1982 The Verdict - the truth and nothing as the truth
  • 1982 Come Along With ME (TV-film)
  • 1981 the Sensationsreporterin
  • 1981 The Bronx
  • 1980 The Barbara of walter Special (TV-series; Episode 5,1)
  • 1980 the day, at that the world went down
  • 1979 Quintett
  • 1978 A Salute tonAmerican imagination (TV-Special)
  • 1977 at all star of tributes tons of Elizabeth Taylor (TV-Special)
  • 1977 Schlappschuss
  • 1976 thanks in America (TV-series; Episode 2,1)
  • 1976 Buffalo Bill and the Indians
  • 1976 silent Movie
  • 1975 McCarthy: Death OF A Witch Hunter
  • 1975 under water one does not die
  • 1974 flaming inferno
  • 1973 the Clou
  • 1973 the Mackintosh man
  • 1972 that was not Roy Bean
  • 1972 two luckless cowboys
  • 1971 you would like giants its
  • 1970 America Is hard ton lake
  • 1970 “… then was my life in vain” - Martin Luther King
  • 1970 machinations
  • 1969 two bandits
  • 1969 Indianapolis -Venture on lives and death
  • 1968 the stage hero
  • 1967 of the uncompromising ones
  • 1967 one called it Hombre
  • 1966 A Year Toward Tomorrow
  • 1966 the torn curtain
  • 1966 a case for Harper
  • 1965 lady L.
  • 1964 Carrasco, the violater
  • always 1964 with another
  • 1963 a newKind of love
  • 1963 the price
  • 1963 the wildest one under thousands
  • 1962 Hemingways adventures of a young man
  • 1962 sweet bird youth
  • 1961 Paris Blues
  • of 1961 sharks of the large city
  • 1960 exodus
  • 1960 of the terrace
  • 1959 the man from Philadelphia
  • 1958 no fear of sharp things
  • 1958 one must to 1958 to
  • believe the cat on the hot sheet metal roof
  • 1958 the long hot summer
  • 1958 Playhouse 90 (TV-series; Episode 2,19)
  • 1957 a life in the intoxication
  • 1957 country without men
  • 1956 hell is in me contents of
  • 1956 The United States Steel Hour (TV-series)
  • 1956 The emperors Aluminium Hour (TV-series)
  • 1956 accusation: High treason
  • 1955 Playwrights '56 (TV-series; Episode 1,2)
  • 1955 Producer's Showcase (TV-series)
  • 1955 The Philco Television Playhouse (TV-series)
  • 1955 Appointment With Adventure (TV-series)
  • 1954 Danger (TV-series; Episode 5,14)
  • 1954 Goodyear Television Playhouse (TV-series)
  • 1954 Armstrong Circle Theatre (TV-series)
  • 1954 the silver cup
  • 1954 The MASK (TV-series)
  • 1953 The Web (TV-series; Episode)
  • 1953 You of acres There (TV-series)
  • 1952 The Aldrich Family (TV-series)
  • 1951 of valley OF Tomorrow (TV-series)

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