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Paul Pogge (* 24. December 1838 (according to ADB 27. December 1839) to Zierstorf in Mecklenburg Schwerin; † 16. March 1884 in Luanda) was Afrikareisender. It bereiste 1864 Natal, Mauritius and Réunion and returned on that to Europe.

Paul Rogge - fixed image in the rose garden in Rostock

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it studied in Berlin and Heidelberg and attained a doctorate on latter university.

In the year 1874 it attached the Cassange expedition under Homeyer and went themselves with this from Luanda to the Cuanza upward to Pungo Adongo, then with lux over Malanje to Kimbundo and finally without lux to Mussumba, the residence of the Muata Iamvo, which it to 9. December 1875 reached. Thus it had continued to penetrate into the interior, as possibly a traveler of the German African society before it. Since the Muata Iamvo Pogge did not want to permit the continuation of the journey, Pogge returned in April 1876 to Angola and from there to Germany. In the autumn 1880 Pogge stepped into company Hermann of pointing man and supports from the realm chancellorship a second journey on, reached to 25. January 1881 Malanje and to 22. October the Kasai.

Here the travelers separated. Pogge pulled over the residence Mukenges on the Lulua and united on it with pointing man again at the Munkambasee. Both arrived at 14. At the Lubilasch, 16 reached January 1882 after Mona Katschitsch , the residence of the chieftain Katschitsch of Koto, to. April the Lualaba and 17. April Nyangwe. From there pointing man pulled on the 1. June to the east coast, which it to 16. November reached, while Pogge already returned at the beginning of of May to the residence of the Mukenge in quick marches, in order to establish the planned scientific station there. After this had happened, Pogge returned to Luanda, in order to embark itself to Europe, died however there immediately after its arrival to 16. March 1884 due to the endured missing.

In Rostock it 19 became. March 1885 a monument with a Bronzebüste of sculptor Ludwig Brunow set (1945 diminished and later destroy).

In the former property house largely of the Roger of local part the local association for local history exhibitions accomplishes Zierstorf to Paul Pogge and his brothers, the agriculture pioneers Carl and Johann Pogge.


published works except many essays in magazines:

  • In the realm of the Muata Jamwo, Berlin 1880
  • under German flag across Africa implemented from west to east, 1880-83 of Paul Pogge and Hermann von Wissmann, Berlin 1889


Pogge of beach man, Hartmut: In the deepest Africa. Paul Pogge and its präkolonialen journeys to the southern Congo basin, trafo publishing house 2004, ISBN 3-89626-323-4

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