Paul Rodemann

Paul Rodemann (* 22. April 1887 in Magdeburg; † 23. February 1963) created the “Darmstädter echo “together with Johann Sebastian hired after the Second World War with permission of the American military authority in the southhessian Darmstadt as regional daily paper.

The worker son volontierte with the “Harburger people sheet “and with” Hamburg echoes “, before he pulled 1914 into the First World War. 1919 he was selected for the Social Democrats into those Weimar national assembly. Later he than editor worked at social-democratic newspapers in Schwerin, Hameln and open brook.

Because of its political commitment it was thrown after the seizure of power of Hitler first in the prison and brought later into a concentration camp. After the dismissal it stood under Gestapo supervision and had professional disqualification.

After the invasion of the Americans the military authorities Rodemann began first as a deputy land advice of the circle open brook, before it became LizenträgerFrankfurter Rundschau “. With the “Darmstädter echo” he took over the department politics. Prison and KZ-detention had attacked Rodemanns health. Particularly for these reasons it separated 1949 as a partner of the “Darmstädter echo”. Up to its death it lived in open brook.


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